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Review by trixie_50 See Profile

  • Location: Denver,Denver,CO
  • Cost: $96 per month
  • Telco party Qwest
Good "Pleasant and helpful order placing; Qwest service techs encouraged me to call them at home, work, anywhere and anytime."
Bad "Took 18 years to discover a corroded bridge tap at end of block materially affecting service, especially when wet."
Overall "Considering Qwest's financial condition at point of merger, morale was reasonably good; interface with customer excellent."
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Total monthly cost for 20mbps/896kbps (VDSL2) service is $50.00/mo, ex local and LD phone service and before taxes.

DSLReports test history confirms 23 actual downstream service rates, begun Oct 2011, average 37% (7.4mbps) of advertised max rate; upstream is absurdly pokey but far closer to what is claimed by ISP.

According to Qwest field service people, my demarc is ~1250 linear feet from the FTTN box, recently equipped with new DSLAMs. Furthermore, I'm told, we are one of only two customers on this particular panel and the same techs marveled at both line quality and SNR on both sides of the demarc.

I'd like to understand the following:

a) Why is my VDSL2 downstream rate 60%± less than of what I'm paying for with so little apparent line traffic just 1250' from the node on a 24 gauge copper wire?

b) Why can CenturyLink not offer at least a 5mbps upstream connection, under these same circumstances?

c) Is there any possibility of contracting for FTTR over such a short hop?

Sempra, in San Diego, has successfully collaborated with SoCal Edison to run fiber threads through residential gas lines into each home to the benefit of all parties.

Is there a CenturyLink ombudsman with whom a residential customer may speak to address these questions? I'd be grateful for a link.

Thank you...

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Denver, CO

Followup to prior CenturyLink review

16 months later...

a) price unchanged for VDSL2 service (20M/896K);
b) asynchronous uplink higher than 896K "unavailable";
c) available unused capacity on FTTN DSLAM, "sufficient";
d) request for bonded pair service prompts question from CenturyLink, "what do you presently pay for single pair?"
e) my response: "$75/mo."
f) CenturyLink: "then bonded pair will be $150/mo."
g) moments later..."actually, we cannot offer you that service, sorry."
h) explanation requested but no further details offered. sigh...