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  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "cheap"
Bad "lies, crap services, and a corrupt corporation"
Overall "this dirty corporation will go down in flames for wronging so many people"

Where should I begin? What most average americans don't understand is that Centurylink employs thrid party companies to do there marketing. Such companies include Marketlink, AFNI, and Teleservices Direct. These companies then hire and half train people to sit at a computer while an autodialer makes calls to Centurylink customers. Think your safe from not getting a call because your on the National Do Not Call registry think again. You see there is a clause in that law that says if you have an existing relationship with a company then that company can call you all they want. In essence, if you are a CL customer then someone like myself that works for one of the above mentioned companies will be calling you. Dirty. Oh and if you ask to be put on the Do Not Call list we can do that for you but in all seriousness its a waste of time. You see what happens is CL sends a file of customer's BANs(billing account number) to each one of these above mentioned companies and rotates that files information slitghty so each site is constantly calling customers that the other site has already called and on occasion adding new ones that haven't been called yet. Each site has its own Do Not Call list but none of that information is shared among the sites only with CL. Cl doesn't care enough to actually remove your BAN from that file because they want to generate more revenue by selling crap service. Waste of time. Dirty. When someone like myself gets you on the phone we will lie to you and on a massive scale. Why? Because those companies hire us to do one thing and one thing only....MAKE SALES. So if you want to hear that we have 10 meg internet at your address, that PRISM will mean you get fiber optics brought into your home, or that you can get all the channels PRISM has to offer for the price of a basic package we will tell you that. Why? So we can make a commission and turn you into just another number that CL and our supervisors say we need. Think theres proof we lied to your from our voice recorded confirmation after you agree to take on more crap services think again. You see we know when to lie first of all. We will tell you everything under the sun, get you to agree, and then turn on the voice recorder. Once the voice recorder is on, that sound file of me telling you strictly about contracts, pricing, and disclaimers is the intellectual property of the company we work for. So CL can't have it to prove we lied to you. Shady. We have quality that checks that voice recorded confirmation but they have so many to lsiten to they play them in fast forward looking only to see we told you a price, we said theres a contract, and we gave you customer service number. Then if prices need to match what we noted quality they will add on whatever discounts necessary to make it similiar and offer congrats to us for making that sale. Which brings me to those discounts. You see we can tell you that you'll get service for as low as $5 a month but when CL gets a hold of the order they will remove discounts that we applied we werent supposed to, make you call in to get them back, and tell you that its all been a system error. What a hellish nightmare and all because CL wants more money then the billions they have already. Now I should let you know about the actual service. See aside from us lying to you to make that sale CL still has to setup your service. CL will not tell you you are too far away to receive 10 meg less you can't get HSI at all and will instead provision the system for whatever necessary to provide you with some speed of HSI. Oh and PRISM, if your too far away or the facilites are over capacity to handle HD streams they will downgrade it as necessary and not tell you. Should you call you will be told that system issues abound presently but they will be 'fixing' those soon offer more discounts to you especially if you ask for them and maintain theres nothing wrong with the process. CL- don't you think that with the coming announcement of your first quarter 2012 earnings in May that you should get a handle on all the corruption so you dont have to tell shareholders your losing revenues?

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