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Six Month Rating

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Review by john b4 See Profile

  • Location: Henderson,Clark,NV
  • Cost: $140 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "tv quality very good"
Bad "internet crawls, tv menu incomprehensible"
Overall "run away as fast as you can"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Century link has proven to be as bad as Embarq and Sprint (whom they bought out). My old provider was Cox. I was supposed to have an entire new system installed as I left Cox services active just in case. The installers instead butchered my Cox system so that I cannot switch over. I was told by salesman that the set top boxes had ability to connect to internet wirelessly. They do not. The Century Link modem/router was unable to deliver 10 mb per second ... could only get 2.5 mb per sec. The installers fixed this by hard wiring my old router to their modem to get 10 mb per sec., and could only reach this speed for very short periods. The average ended up to around 5.7. I was told by salesman that I would have HD service to all three TV's. All I got was 1 TV with HD. In short, I was lied to by salesman (third party or not, that is just an excuse). The installers were hacks who just wanted to show up and leave as soon as possible. When I called the national help desk (877-619-0953) I was told the damage to my previous system was my tough luck and I would have to pay Cox to fix what Century Link damaged, and I could call an attorney if that is what I felt necessary. (I have the reps. name and employee number). Then the rep told me it would be another 4 days before they could show up to remove (only, not repair) their equipment. I tried a repair call (866-314-4148) and was told they would try to have someone out within 24 to 28 hours and hopefully (no guarantee) they would fix the damage to the Cox system. So now I stuck with doing my business and bill paying at my neighbors house due to this fiasco.

Now as for pricing: After the install I found that I did not have what I had before with Cox. In order to add services, the price from Century Link ended up to be nearly EXACTLY what I paid to Cox.

My advice to all is to stay away from Century Link internet and television. The "new boss is the same as the old boss" as an old song says. I am so disappointed as I was hoping to save a couple of bucks a month and get rid of the arrogant Cox cable company.

Note: I have always had traditional phone service from the various owners of our phone system, but due to this situation, I will switch my telephone to Cox also. They are not great, but better the devil you know than this new Century Link nonsense.

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