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Review by bkwyatt98 See Profile

  • Location: Martinsville,Martinsville City,VA
  • Cost: $83 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Two lines always receiving stated speeds"
Bad "no speeds faster than 1.5 mbps"
Overall "Great service some areas need upgrading for faster speeds but a great company overall"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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I have had service since January I started with one line then ordered a second had a new drop line put underground and my service has been exactly what I am paying for. 83 dollars a month for two 1.5 mbps lines. Centurylink really needs to run fiber optics to the DSLAM in this area or do something to provide their 10 mbps service. I have had comcast before at another house and even though I dont have cable speeds my service with centurylink has been more consistent.

Update: It is July 18,2012. I was driving home and CenturyLink is running fiber optics for prism TV and other services I plan on signing up for the TV and fastest speed internet when they complete the fiber installation I will post another update with speed tests.

Update: It is December 5, 2012. New DSLAM has been installed Centurylink contractors are in the process are getting everything ready to be turned up. Hoping any day now I will get a call to upgrade my speeds. Heard that a bonded connection will be available. I will post speedtest when fasters speeds finally become available. As far as internet has been since last update speeds are still constant a few days my pings were a little higher than normal but went back down to normal within a day.

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