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  • Location: Cheyenne,Laramie,WY
  • Cost: $108 per month
Good "It works"
Bad "supposed to be a 7 meg connection lucky to get 5 megs"
Overall "Ho Hum DSL sevice"
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Called tech support once to see about getting a disk for the DSL modem the pin-head on the other end of the phone was clueless.

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Gulliver, MI


wonder who is clueless.what do you need a disk for? I have used many different modems from AT&T, Verizon etc. as well as Centurylink but i have never had use for any disk or heard of it so no wonder tech support was 'clueless'

Don't Blame Me I Voted For Bill and Opus

Cheyenne, WY

Re: Clueless??

Clueless indeed I wanted to see if they had a Century link setup disc for their DSL service. The had just formatted the computer and called to see if they had an updated CD to replace the Qwest DSL setup disc I had salted away. As for modems I started out with 300 Baud phone modems in the 1970's so I think I transcend your used a lot of modems line. A simple no we don't have a Disc for you would have been fine I was just asking, instead of the stammering idiot I got
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Re: Clueless??

You and I have a lot in common I have been at this as long as you! 8-D and I agree they just got me stared on Friday 10/12 and I totaly lost the internet. This however even made me lose my phone as well. The techs don't care and have even hungup on me. They are rude and I will need to keep them until my classes are done. This really sucks.



I wish for 5 mbps

CenturyLink has been providing barely 56K for the past week here in Texas.. only 10 miles from Tyler.

My Vic20-modem was more reliable