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Six Month Rating

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Review by rodolfo.jodra

  • Location: Boise,Ada,ID
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "Deliver as promised, a better deal than CableOne"
Bad "Can't buy a modem from another retailer"
Overall "Switching to CenturyLink was a good choice"
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Install Co-ordination:
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CenturyLink in Boise

Six months ago I switched from Cable One to Century Link, and I can
only say good things about the company.

The signup process went well -hey, signing up is always easy. The
modem Zyxel Q1000Z arrived and the line was connected right on
schedule. The only snag is that one of the representatives said that I
could use an older modem (and return the new one), but as it happens
I'm in an area served by VDSL2, which is supported only by new modems.
So, the Zyxel stayed. Anyway, no complaints about enjoying modern

The modem setup was well documented. I run it in bridge mode,
connected to a better wireless router. The paperwork included the
login name and password needed to connect the router to the modem.

The service has been solid, only two disconnections that I noticed.
The upload and download speeds have been exactly as expected. The Ping
delay is between 50 and 100 ms. The 250Gb data cap is adequate for my
use, specially because uploads are uncapped.

The few times I had to call to change the contract conditions the
service has been flawless. The representatives tried to push their
service bundles, but they did not insist. And they locals -from around
the Mountain West.

I'm very happy with the change. I tried to switch some years ago, but
the setup process was so awful I just gave up -they were selling the
MSDN network back then. Besides, Cable One was increasing the speed
and keeping the prices. But now Cable One is increasing the price to
move old customers to their 50Mbps service with ridiculous data caps.
CenturyLink is not cheap -$45 for 7Mbps- but now it is a better deal.

One issue is that you can't buy the modems from another retailer,
although the modem-router they sell is reasonably priced at $100.
After the 6-month introductory offer expired I decided to continue and
bought the Zyxel Q1000Z.

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