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Review by battle See Profile

  • Location: Des Moines,Polk,IA
  • Cost: $200 per month (60 month contract)
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Sometimes I have a good connection. Landline service is reliable"
Bad "Spotty connections, internal communication disconnect, expensive for what you get."
Overall "If there was an alternative to Mediacom, I'd switch in a heartbeat."
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I've been with CenturyLink for almost 7 years, (formerly Qwest). Since moving to our current house, I bundle DirecTV, landline (home office and at 1 time, I had 2 lines), Verizon Wireless, and Internet.

When we 1st moved in, I had the top speed I could get - 7mbps. After about a year they called to check on my account and advised me there was a faster speed available - 12mbps. I signed up! Faster speeds = better right? Through that time, I had nothing but trouble with the Internet connection. Through many calls to tech support I was always told, reboot, disconnect power/power back on, get a new modem, etc. I completed this Internet connection ritual for over a year. Finally one morning I had enough. The connection kept dropping - 5 times in about 20 mins. I called tech, then sent out a really nice technician who advised me that even though I have been paying for 12mbps Internet, that actually I was getting about 10mbps and in reality, 12mbps really shouldn't be offered in my neighborhood cause it's not very stable. He downgraded me to 7mbps and said it would be more stable.

Two days later, more connection problems. Called again. Informed that it will be most likely 2 days until things "even out", but will get it fixed ASAP. Two days=ASAP. It's super fun when you work from home and are giving a WebEx presentation, talking for 10 minutes before you realize your Internet has disconnected and you have to log back in, leaving all your meeting attendees wondering what you're doing.

The phone tech realized my frustration and transferred me to a loyalty specialist. She was nice and gave me a pretty good monthly deduction, THEN proceeded to try to get my service upped to 12mbps! I almost lost it.

Clearly in this company, products and services offered don't match reality and don't match what the service techs are recommending. I'd pay any much more if it meant reliable Internet service. Unfortunately, U.S. telcos seem to mirror our political system - force people to chose the lesser of two evils.

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