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Six Month Rating

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Review by statecop See Profile

  • Location: Heflin,Cleburne,AL
  • Cost: $54 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "At least it is not dial up!"
Bad "slow speeds and frequent disconnects"
Overall "I have it because it is the only game in town!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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The fastest package I can get is only 1.5/256 and the connections are actually closer to 1.1/200. Do not get me wrong I am glad it is not dial up but I wish they would either get faster packages where I live or we could get some cable competition. If you live closer to the CO they have a 10/768 option, but I cant get it. I have it at the office and it also disconnects a good bit. The fact is that it beats satellite but only marginally some days. I almost forgot to mention I was told over a year ago that they would be getting 10 MB out toward my area to feed a cell tower within 6 months then back feed, but it doesnt look that is going to happen or atleast not that I am aware of. Then again their online system is so messed up it still shows I cant get any DSL at all here. I have had it for 3 years....

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i hate century link! worst company ever! i stay on hold for an hour and never get to talk to noone and they never turned on my internet! i am very displeased and i am going to sue this company if they do not get over here and turn on my internet!

This company is the most awful company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Their customer service is horrible and God forbid you try to get your Direct TV service unbundled because it WON'T happen.

This company is the worst company i have ever dealt with. I have tried to speak with a supervisor in customer service and was advised that they did not want to speak with me because of there own reasons i guess. i have never been with a company for over 1 yr and felt such total disrespect by there reps. i found a corporate number to contact and there operator was just as rude and continued to cut me off and transfer me to no where. i dont understand how this company has lied on tv about them being the "friendlist company around" yet none of there reps have knowledge or are very friendly at all. they should be ashamed of thereselves..I am terminating with them asap..I would rather deal with Verizon!!
justsoupset 10/10/12 7:57AM

I need a customer service survey sent to me for completion on a series of horrific botches on an incompleted internet start-up service, resulting in an incredulous and insulting act CenturyLink serving me with an early termination bill of $227.57. First I experienced a horrible time with an incredibly rude lady on the phone while initiating an internet start-up. She ended up hanging up on me, and not knowing whether my order was placed or not. Then a service guy came by un partially completed the wiring on the outside. In the evening I spent two hours on the phone with a technical support rep to try to get my internet activated and going. Later and closer to midnight I went outside and saw that the technician contractor did not hook up service. I stopped the service the next day before I ever got activated, and received a confirmation number for stop order. Then yesterday, a month later I received a bill from Century Link stating that I owe them $227 for early termination! I couldn't believe my "freaking" eyes! From start to finish, this aborted customer activation for internet was an unparalleled fiasco, like no other incompentency that I have experienced in my customer servicing walk in life. Even when I called another Rep to inquire about how to return the modem, she told me that she would send out a self-labeled box 90 miles from me to ship it back out. A month later now and nothing has arrived. What a bunch of bumbling employees! A need a name and number or e-mail of the highest-ranked Customer Service Director (regional or national) that I can file this report to. I wouldn't take this company's service if it were free!
stinsonsurf 9/18/12 12:05PM

this is the worst company i ever dealt with, how they stay in business is beyond me. they charged me many years for wire maintencance which they will not honor. I paid every month for nothing and i can not get a refund. Its a scam?
Anonymous 9/2/12 9:17AM



Re: Terrible

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