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Review by JoshMck See Profile

  • Location: Grants Pass,Josephine,OR
  • Cost: $81 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Connection, speed, no hassel."
Bad "Price"
Overall "Pretty good considering the alternative."
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We live in Grants Pass, Oregon. A town of roughly 35K citizens. We have two competing companies, Charter Communications and now CenturyLink. Before they bought or merged with Qwest, Charter was pretty much without competition.

At first we were only doing the 1.5Mbps plan. It was slow, but stable. We've now upgraded to their 20Mbps subscription.
Price for a 1.5mbps connection was $40.00 USD
Price for 20Mbps is $75($90 for the first month after switching.) Mind you that uplink is very slow for streaming anything at .869kbps(Yay, DSL.) This is also a monthly plan.
I personally find it a bit expensive, but this is for internet only.

As of 4:02PM Speedtest.net gives us a ping of 41ms, 19.02Mbps down, and 0.83Mbps up.(50 miles away)
At the opposite end of the country at St. John's, NL the connection speed is 276ms ping, 18.48Mbps downlink, and 0.78Mbps uplink.(3,300 miles away)
Nearly exactly what we have paid for. I've rarely seen it below 15Mbps.

Of course, this is most likely thanks to what I assume to be the DSLAM of my area being only a few hundred feet away at an intersection. For now, I don't believe my area to be as congested with internet traffic. Due to Charter taking most of the business.

Overall, we've been very happy with Century Link.

Well, service is still the same. Had a random hiccup with my modem/router. Wouldn't connect for a full day. Called CL up, went through some troubleshooting and were unsuccessful. Scheduled a visit from a repair guy.
I bring my device back into my room and plug it in. Suddenly works.
I call them up and cancel the repair guy.

Worked a day, crapped out again, but this time I had a red light on my Router instead of nothing.
Re-configured it with the disc and now it has been working. This could have been much worse if I didn't know much.

I recently tried to reset my Q1000 modem which I had gotten in the box from Century Link when they first switched. I wanted to do a full reset, no passwords, no nothing. But, sadly the reset button on the back only restarts the system for some reason. I can hold that button as long as I like and it's not going to do anything different.
Since then, the internet has gone out each night; which I notice when I wake up. I only get a blinking DSL Light. I usually unplug it at the and wait a minute or two. Usually after a few tries this works. But, it's still bothersome because I need constant wifi for Skype to receive calls.

I went to the Century Link chat that day, asked about it, and they said they couldn't help. I then questioned if I could get a replacement, but it turns out my Modem is mine now. They don't have any records of me renting it. So, my eyes are now searching for any VDSL/ADSL modems wherever I go. Haha.

If it gets bad enough, I'll go try out by my TeleCom box to see if it's not my line in my house.

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Don't recommend century link

I've been with century link for a couple years and I really don't recommend it as an onternet service provider. Whenever I want to load a new tab for google chrome, it takes me about a minute and a half to load all of it and if I want to watch a 2:30 video on YouTube, it would actually take me about 10 minutes to load the entire video and watch it.
Boise, ID

Re: Don't recommend century link

Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience about our service. Our DSL Escalations Team is happy to help with any problems you are having with our service. Email us your account information along with any questions our issues you are having TalkToUs@Cetnurylink.com.


Corey Tidwell
Ceinturylink Help Team

tech james

Run a speed test first with your wireless disabled an using only an Ethernet cable for your computer then go to ctlhelp. Com and run the test you should get the correct speed by doing that



Do NOT get Centurylink!

I would not recommend Centurylink to anybody, it is very very very very slow and disconnects a LOT! I still can't belive they call 1.5mbps "High Speed" Yeah, I guess if you consider snails to be "High Speed". On top of it being very slow and constatnly being disconnected, setting up and opening any ports and actually getting it to work for anyone outside your house to access, so they can see your sites or visit your servers, is near impossible. When you call thier "Tech" support, and you say you opened a port and it's not working, the response usally is "Uhhh Port?" A friend and I used to have a lot of servers running with Xfinity, but then I moved and century link was what I got, and for anyone wanting to set up sites or servers, good luck, century link blocks anything of that nature, and thier so called tech support wouldn't know the first thing to do to take steps to unblock it.


Re: Do NOT get Centurylink!

Yes, I'll agree that if you're out in the back area of a city; you're not going to get a very good service.
This is a problem that is due to being to far from the DSLAM, yet the company still sold the service to you.

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless
Unless you are a business CL is not going to let you run 3rd party servers. 1.5 Mbps is 'high speed' when compared to a 28.8 modem. First level support of any type/kind is not allowed to open ports for anyone for any reason. That request would be kicked up to top level support - and most likely denied. Their ports are closed for the same reason mine are: we like it that way.

There are many reasons an area receives 1.5Mbps from a telephone company. Distance from the central office, state of equipment in office, state of copper lines are three reasons. I'm sure there are more.

CL, from the Pacific to the Atlantic and from Canada to the Gulf, is uber stingy with upload speed in rural America. Everything from 256 to 768 up is common and normal. None of this uplink speeds will support a digital phone and also the internet on the same line. The two need to be seperated outside at the box on the side of your house? How do I know.

Been there done that. But to get relief after months of non-response and double speak from CL's first-line-of- defense call center, I was forced to contact my state Public Utility Commission. The PUC.PUB and state Commerce Commissions only deal with public utilities that provide a service over some type of "line" into a home or business inside their borders. This generally means gas, lights, and telephone. and NOT cell phones, cable, satellite television, or internet

The other thing to understand is your county seat will have much better services than you (including internet) because it provides services to all residents throughout the county. The largest city, which may not be the county seat will also have better services than you due to population density.

It does not paint a nice picture for CL once residents understand CL provides 100T to Paris and London for their internet. But CL won't provide a reliable internet connection to all of their customrs in rural America.
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