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Review by evmoy15 See Profile

  • Location: Federal Way,King,WA
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 20 days
Good "Very consitent speed, good uptime."
Bad "Slow upload speed, makes you subscribe to the highest tier for a subpar upload (5m)"
Overall "Good value reliable service IF you're in a Legacy Qwest area. Can't speak for anywhere else."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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I needed a backup connection and some extra bandwith to supplment my Comcast Buisness Cable connection.

CenturyLink is my only other choice save for a expensive T1 from Intgera or Exede/DishNET.

I called CenturyLink and they offered a 20/.896 for $60~ a month after promotions expire. No contract. I took that offer. They UPS'd me a ActionTec C1000A modem, that I have had clients that had awesome luck with.

The installer was great, did a speedtest for me. Plugged my modem right into the NID, set up my rules for the internal Firewall and connected it to my FireBox as my failover connection and to one on my servers for hosting.

Line has been reliable as hell for the two weeks I have had it. I can sit there and top it out and it will not complain or slow, even in peak times! Can't say so much for my Comcast line.

My only gripe was the slow upload in relation to the download. I've foind .896 is not cutting it at all for my hosting needs. Lucky for me I'm on VDSL2 and close enough to the CO to get the 40/5 plan. Getting someone to admit this was possible was tough though.

I will post a speedtest later this evening.

(UPDATE) 2/22/13

I know I have not posted the speedtest yet, I've been quite busy. I did want to update that century link is refusing to sell me the faster service and getting set up for the myaccount online was very tough, I was not given the access code and it took 5 calls to get it. Other than that service has been rock solid.

(UPDATE) 12/10/13
Since moved, took the DSL with me, move was real smooth, DSL still working awesome and 40/20 coming to my neighborhood soon.

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Very Upset Customer

We sold our house and moved. We called Century Link to cancel service and received a confirmation number.
When our forwarding mail caught up to us at our new home, I was expecting a final billing. However, instead of a final billing, we received a DISCONNECT NOTICE as well as a bill for 2 more months of service. I called to resolve the error and was told there was no note in my acct to cancel or that I was moving.
After being transferred to several people, they agreed to reduce the bill to the first of the month (following the month we had moved)- This included days that we had already sold our house, moved, and had no service. We argued the fact that they were charging us for service in a house that was not ours, as well as charging us beyond the day that we had requested cancellation. We WERE NOT receiving or using service from them, yet they insisted they had to charge us because there were no notes in the account.
I am confused as to how I could have put notes in my account on their system the day I called to cancel. I'm still trying to figure that one out! I'm sure there must be a way right?!
I'm still trying to figure out what the confirmation number they gave me meant? Apparently, the confirmation means nothing to Century Link after they give it to you confirming your order/request.
Needless to say-- we will NOT have Century Link at our new address!
I wish there was a larger forum to advise people of this company. Probably Gephart next!

Apache Junction, AZ

Re: Very Upset Customer

It's not like you have a choice!