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Six Month Rating

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Review by cvg1 See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
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Good "Reasonable speed browsing and smaller downloads, while watching Netflix movies at same time."
Bad "Occasional disruption in service, very brief to date (approx. 5 min. or less)"
Overall "A very good value and I've had great service from CenturyLink..no complaints"
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Connection reliability:
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Having had cable service providers for Internet access for many years, I wasn't looking forward to only having the availability of DSL, however, I was surprised how little a difference it has made for my Internet requirements. I'm not a gamer, nor do I rarely download anything over 200/300 mb, and my uploading is even more limited to photos, music, and social media. So an additional 60 seconds to download 30 or 40 mb something doesn't bother me.

My family and I watch a lot of Netflix with only the rarest of buffer delays to interrupt the movie. Plus someone is usually online at the same time. I can't complain about anything to date regarding my CenturyLink account. In addition, CenturyLink provides our phone service as well. Both services for a mere $65 a month, locked in for 5 years... tell me that's not a rock'n deal! A decent online website makes changes to our account services convenient, and the one time I had to call, the billing rep. was organized and took care of my request immediately.

CenturyLink has my vote for excellent service and value.

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