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Review by otom8 See Profile

  • Location: Henderson,Clark,NV
  • Cost: $45 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "Good tech support when setting up equipment for first time."
Bad "Originally quoted prices did not remotely resemble bill. Price repeatedly raised over time. Connectivity problems."
Overall "CenturyLink will be my LAST choice, from now on."
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·Cox HSI
Monthly bill was 30% higher than promised by salesperson on phone. Asked salesperson to repeat all charges three times, to make sure. All-inclusive, no-other-charges price was supposed to be $29.95/month, the bill was about $45/month. Plus, I was promised no startup costs; bill in the mail had startup costs. After receiving the bill, I called and talked with two representatives, but they were not able to correct the problem, so I canceled the service. (Posted in early part of 2013.)


Update at later date:

I could not find a comparable price and I could not get out of the one year contract, so I went with CenturyLink anyway. Stayed with them for a year and a half. The company kept raising the price (price at cancelation was $65), and kept moving the payment due date forward several days every couple of months -- if this continued, by the end of the year they would have received an entire extra month of payment from me. I canceled because of the reasons stated above, plus: The connection was spotty, experienced a loss of connection an average of once per day in early or late evening. Tried replacing CenturyLink router-modem, but did not help. Tech support could not resolve. Canceled connection 8/6/2014. Switched to apparent lesser of two evils, Cox. For almost same price, went from CenturyLink's claimed 10 Mbits/sec to Cox's claimed 50 Mbits/sec.

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Apache Junction, AZ


They aren't going to do well trying to cheat new customers right off the bat are they. Phone service has a ton of taxes and extra charges though, are you sure it wasn't actually $29.95 with $15 worth of extra charges and taxes?


Henderson, NV
·Cox HSI

Re: wow!

No. I specifically, carefully, and deliberately asked three times for the grand total that I would be paying both at startup and as a monthly fee. The salesperson said very clearly that there would be no startup costs, that the prorate would be based on $29.95/month (it was more), and that the absolute, grand total including all costs, per month, would be $29.95. I realize that is a very low price, but nevertheless, that is what the salesperson said. On top of that, when I called to complain, one of the reps said that the original salesperson had the brazenness to add a note to the account saying, "Explained all charges". Perhaps they always add that, to try to cover themselves.



Century Link sucks

Century Link has been the worst internet service yet. The connection is frequently lost and it takes 30 minutes to do something that should only take 2 minutes. It is very frustrating. This has been an ongoing problem, even after it was "fixed"