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Review by feliciabragg820

  • Location: Panama City,Bay,FL
  • Cost: $125 per month (12 month contract)
Good "installtion"
Bad "customer service"
Overall "cant get the service i requested"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I am a new customer to century link. And I've been having nothing but
problems even before installation. I gave one agent my cc number to charge
it, and he never did. So we had to call back. And it seems like everytime
we do call back we get different information. So shortly after
installation, I noticed that I'm not getting the package that I wanted
which I signed up for the first time and every time after I called. So I
called again. and this time when I called in, they didn't even recognise my
name on the account, but my credit had been checked to get this account in
the first place. so I told him the package that I want AGAIN! I asked how
long it would take for it to start working and he said it should be a
couple hours. Well I had to leave and run some errands. So I figured that
by the time I got back it would be working. But it wasn't. I tried calling
again and they were closed. So I was gonna wait for the next day and they
are still closed. It seems like everytime I call there is either an excuse
or u can't get in touch with anybody. I seriously just want to tell them to
come pick up their equipment and refund all my money back. They really do
have some of the worst customer service I've ever dealt with..

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lodged 1.2 years ago

Boise, ID

We Can Help

Hi feliciabragg820,

I'm Joey and I'm with CenturyLink. I'm very sorry to hear about all of the trouble you've had with your new service from the original sale to getting the correct package after installation. We'd like to look into this and see if we can make sure this is resolved and address any other concerns you have. Contact us anytime at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com. Please include your account information and any other helpful details. Thanks.

Joey H
@CenturyLinkHelp Team