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Review by JimW See Profile

  • Location: Mamou,Evangeline,LA
  • Cost: $110 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
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When we moved into a newer/bigger house here in Mamou, we reexamined available non-satellite intenet. We had tried Suddenlink at the old house in Mamou, but found 3 Mb/s unsatisfactory. After we purchased a house in another part of town, we learned that Centurylink 10 Mb/s was avaiable and slightly cheaper. We also installed DirecTV. Way better TV and internet.

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Ready or not



4/15/13 - I am an oral cancer survivor and have fluctation in my voice as I only have 79% of my speech since mega radiation and chemo.

I am a senior and prefer to pay my bill via phone. On 3/27/13 the day my bill was due I tried to pay with the free recorded voice payment. The recorded message gives you the option of saying yes or pushing 1 or saying no and pushing two. This entire process goes through the same procedure ever month. It has your name, address, phone number 3 additions code numbers, last 4 of your social, date of birth and the same checking account that you have used previously. You get to spend about 5 minutes with all the same BS month after month and at the very end the rockets scientist that came up with this plan DOES NOT give you the option of pushing #1 for yes but insists you SAY yes for the amount specified. For what ever reason there are times when it does not accept my yes answer and then cuts me off and end the process with me not paying my bill (I am sure I am not the only older person that may have a voice problem).

On 3/29, I spoke to a Supervisor Wit an ID number I will not reveal although I do have it, she comes on tells me she will not charge me the what$$ and will take the payment and then gives me a confirmation number.

4/4/13 I receive a letter from Century link stating that a $10 returned check charge will be added to my account and I should call 1 800 423 8994 for any further questions. Fist I call my bank as I am never over drawn and the bank assures me that I am not and that the payment was never submitted. I ask the bank lady to please stay on the line with me as I was going to do a 3 way with century link. We do a 3 way with Financial Service on 4/9 with a Jessica again I do have her ID but will not reveal and she confirms with the bank lady that the first CS rep made an error and must have submitted an incorrect bank number but she was going to fix it and gives me a confirmation #.

On 4/15 I get a bill in the mail stating that I owe $165.05 (my original amount was $86.56), I almost fell over. I called and asked to speak with a supervisor who RUDELY explained that I should have looked at the date of the billing and I would have known the issue was resolved and that if I did not like the way it was handled I should either send my payment with a stamp or pay on line.

To say incompetence is an understatement of the century, SUPERVISORS NO LESS. The last young man I spoke to talked to me as if he were doing me a favor and that mistakes happen and I should like it or take the stamp option or the on line option or seek another provider. Yes, I also have his name and ID number. It was like pulling teeth from him to get any information as to who I could take this to as he insisted there was not corporate toll free or otherwise phone number and the only other option to file a complaint was to write to this address:
Executive Office
930-15th Street
11th floor
Denver, Colorado
I asked if I should address it to Century Link or Qwest and was told Executive Office was sufficient.

I write this review for several reasons:

1. To make a complaint about the very last yes without the option of pushing the number one or JUST DELETE THE LAST YES TO AVOID THE hassle caused by incidents like this. Does Century Link think Santa is going to pay my monthly phone bill? They have all the same information and same bank account every month. As for the response of the amount must be confirmed why not allow the last number 1 to be confirmation of the amount instead of cutting of the person.

2. Train you CS and employees better

3. Although the first two women were not rude only incompetent, the last male CS (Escalation) was a hard core jerk. He had the adasaty to not only talk down to me but tell me to buzz off if I did not like it and pay for a stamp or go on line. Real class (last) act, don't you think?

Now do I think this will happen again, I am sure of it. I would really like anyone else who has had problems with payment because of their voice not being accepted at the end and cut off to please write via email or address if this is even a ligitament address.