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Review by GilbertMark See Profile

  • Location: Gilbert,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $86 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Easy online sign up and LOW prices even without the price lock, PROFESSIONAL installer!"
Bad "Automated phone call led to ugly support call!"
Overall "Glad Cox has competition!"
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·Cox HSI
Update 9/28/14

25 hour outage! We did have some good rain the previous day but it had ended some 10 hours before. Woke up to the answering machine beeping and telling me to set the time. The power only flickered for a second since some of the clocks weren't flashing 12, but that was more than enough for Centurylink to go down. Never did find out what actually happened. I liked that they had an automated system where I was able to confirm the outage right away. I asked to be notified when the outage was over (I never received that phone call). It is what it is.

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Update 9/20/14

We have just passed the 1 year mark of service and our bill has gone from $52 a month to $86 a month. No increase in service for us. We have the 20 meg down package with local phone only. No TV. The honeymoon is clearly over. I'm looking into alternatives.

I looked at Cox again but their cheapest package is $77 a month but I don't want TV and the internet is a lowly 5 meg down service. Dish is a joke as their internet if you're lucky is 15 and they force you to lease the equipment. Don't know what I'll do. If I knew Centurylink service was going to be reliable I would've signed a price lock guarantee. But after our MISERABLE experience with AT&T DSL I'll never sign a DSL contract again. Basically we paid them for lousy service, tech visits that did nothing and a waste of our time being lost from going to work to meet with those people.

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Update 11/11/13

Well we called today. We told them we never receive a normal bill. We go straight to disconnect notice every month. The problem with the disconnect notice is it only provides an amount due, it doesn't list the breakdown of the price. We're getting hit for about $14 in taxes so it's not a $38 bill.

Also anyone who signs up online (like we did) receives disconnect notices for the first couple months... Weird.

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Update 11/9/13

We've received two bills since our service began. Both of them were disconnect notices. And both of them were for $100 +.

Do they have monkeys working in the billing department?

When the heck are we going to start seeing bills for $38? We signed up for a $38 dollar a month account. I have all the screen shots of the sign up process to prove it.

NOT IMPRESSED with the billing department so far as I have to worry about being losing service every month.

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Update 11/1/13

We experienced our first DSL outage on 11/1/13. It started around 7 p.m. and lasted until midnight. It was a big outage and affected the entire Phoenix area. Eh, things happen no big deal.

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Update 9/12/13

We've had service for 1 week and endured a couple days of heavy rain (which would normally wipe out or DSL back in San Francisco in a heart beat) and no issues whatsoever. A Century Link person rang our door bell today. Sadly, I heard none of the conversation. My better half says he said something about having upgraded the neighborhood recently with faster service? Speedtest says 30 ms ping, 24.35 Mbps down .81 Mbps up. Not bad for the 20 Mbps package.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

This review is being written on day 1 of service which I think was 14 days (or less) from when we placed our order online. We already had Cox so we weren't in a rush for service.

We were previously with Cox and had the TV, phone, Internet bundle. We'd always hated the prices and tried over the last 6.5 years to downgrade services to save money. We tried to remove things but they'd tell us they were just going to raise the price on the remaining items. We got rid of the digital box, downgraded the TV package. It lowered the bill a little but finally we'd had enough. Cox clearly doesn't care about long term customers so we left. $110 for phone and Internet? Bye.

We went to CenturyLink's site and signed up. $34.18 for phone and Internet. Yes we were losing nationwide, but so what we have tons of rollover minutes on the cell phone. The download speed wasn't as good as what Cox advertises (which I don't believe is true anyway as it was the 50Mbps Premier package and we weren't getting that speed). We ordered the 20 Mbps service package and decided to buy the modem. We didn't select the price lock guarantee so we'll see how long our rock bottom price lasts.

The modem arrived two days before the install date. It didn't have a manual so I looked around online. We received the C1000A (which from Amazon and other reviews looks to be a real hunk of junk). I set up all the equipment next to our Apple Extreme base station which will handle the wireless work. I hear it's best not to tax the CPU in the Actiontec modem.

The following day we received an automated phone call from CenturyLink and my wife didn't catch all of the message. It said something about our install appointment. She called CenturyLink to find out what they wanted. The person who helped her started out okay with trying to be informative but the call quickly turned into a scripted sales pitch. My wife got flustered with the call (I don't blame her I hate this crap too) so she gave me the phone. I have no patience for customer service people especially when they stick to the script so I let him have it telling him we didn't call for a sales pitch, we just wanted information.

The installer Luis arrived a day later. My wife was home and Luis was very professional. We were initially told on the phone that no one would come into the house as we had not selected to have the equipment set up nor a computer set up (which we didn't need being people who have grown up around technology since the 70s.)

He was happy all the gear was set up already and wired and easily accessible so he proceeded to do his thing. He called in to port our number. While he was waiting on hold he directed my wife through the setup and had her disable the built in wireless (she told him we wanted to use our airport instead). She opened a browser and continued the setup process and got us online in no time.

The Airport Extreme was blinking yellow but worked fine. We had a double NAT situation so I shut that off in the Airport. My wife tested our connection and it runs faster than Cox did. I came home to working Internet. It was nice that I didn't have to do anything besides shove the desk back in place. I love that we only have one modem now instead of the two Cox made us use.

I'll keep you posted. The last time we had DSL was living in Pacifica (just south of San Francisco) and loss of sync was a daily ritual. It didn't help that the phone lines were all old and above ground and we lived within 500 feet of the ocean. Here in Gilbert everything is new and underground.

I'm waiting on loss of sync issues and the modem dying (as many have written about), and the price to be raised on our service after awhile. We'll see.

Luis you rock! You were the best thing about our experience.

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United State
·TracFone Wireless

I didn't have ...

No sync issues. I had tons of problems when they upgraded and did not upgrade my modem. I had other problems with the phone and uplink. With your 20/5 you should not have any of those issues.

If you do install a whole house filter in the box on the side of your house. Remove all the inside phone filters. The phone performs better and won't fail (they say) when the internet is down.

Since then I've had intermittent brief outages as they say they move 'things' around. Where we live we probably won't see an appreciable upgrade until DSL and its various reincarnations die.
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