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Review by jasmus See Profile

  • Location: Glendale,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $42 per month (12 month contract)
Good "reliable, fast speeds and good price"
Bad "billing issues"

I've had centurylink internet for about 2 months now and I love it. I used to have cox HSI on their premier plan and i was getting really slow downloads (sometimes less than 1mbps!) I then decided to switch to centurylinks 40mbps down and 20mbps upload plan and i consistently get good speeds no matter what time of the day. I only pay $35 a month for internet alone and I pay $7 for a modem rental fee as opposed to cox I payed $67 a month for internet alone with no modem rental.

my most recent speedtest.. »www.speedtest.net/result/2987413 ··· 3190.png

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Century link Las Vegas

Hello, I have been a Century Link subscriber in Las Vegas for 3 years now after literally being accosted by Cox Communications, long story short and this a doozy when I moved to Vegas I pre-ordered a service form Cox before I left the state of Washington knowing my complete address, the woman was polite and stated it could all be set up from out of state and that the installer would be scheduled to be there at the time of my arrival and she asked what I wanted, I said I wanted the least expensive package of both internet and television they had to offer for the time being and that i would upgrade after I was settled in and had more time to investigate my options, so she said they have a limited internet for $12.99 and a basic digital package with limited channels for $24.99, no install fee, or deposit, I say fine

I get to Vegas and tell the guy I don't need their router as the same one I bought to use with Comcast will work i left it sitting in the middle of the room, he tells me I don't need it as he has a free one, all Cox customers get a free modem non wireless same as the one I had so I say cool

the following 24 days my bill arrives and guess what? its for $488.00 I was flabbergasted and called in and she said well this is wrong, that shouldnt be there, and theres this why is it there? hmm she says... anyways your new total is now $148.00 i am like 148 for 12 dollar internet and 24 dollar cable she says yes it looks like you are buying a router from us for $99 I said no I had my own and the installer said it was a free unit and to go ahead and take it its free, she says no thats not right and I say well I'll bring it to your store your only a few blocks away I have as I stated when the original representative asked me is I had one, she says no your 30 period has expired I am sorry but you're stuck with it..

I immediately said DISCONNECT EVERYTHING NOW, yes I was livid, it was prolly cuz I was still experiencing sticker shock..

anyways they are GONE for good its my belief they jacked up the bill just to see if I was one of those pay it and be done with it unlimited funds type? it was her job to retain as much of that bill as she could to keep her job so they sold me a $15 dollar crap modem for $99..

anyways I am wondering why there isn't a positive response for Century link internet?

they are who I went to and I have to say in 3 years they are the BEST company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, Comcast a close second in Everett Wa, (comcast always cut deals and made sure I had the latest of equipment for FREE, I have nothing ill to say about comcast you get a little more than what you pay for IMO)

BUT Century link on the other hand is like WOW! I get a blistering unlimited 12mbps for a mere $29 a month, no JOKE, all I have to do is tell them I want the promo price every 6 months and they hook me up, every time and its a very fast and very reliable service only being down once for 8 hrs in 3 years for switching hubs, I do have cat 5 but still its the price that gets me so I have nothing but good to say about CL at this point, in fact they blow Comcasts price of $59 a month for 12mbps OUT IF THE WATER!!!

I feel bad for those that are getting their bandwidth funneled by gamers, Hulu, poker players and what not, they are li8tterally hogging all the bandwidth but pay the same fees?

providers should charge these people for excessive use, some gamers will play for 10 hrs straight and some people will record movies non stop!

providers need to segregate the bandwidth, one for internet users and the others using game ports and movie DL ports, poker as well.. that way there will be enough for those that just surf the net and only use a few gigs a month, some gamers can use up to 300 gigs per month depending on how many games they play at once or how many gamers are in the house hold, total hoggage and it hurts normal users who pay the same amount in service fee's

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United State

Enjoy it!

Where I live CL says naked net is close to dialup speed. Top speed we see is 10/1.
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