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Review by amyblue See Profile

  • Location: Portland,Multnomah,OR
  • Cost: $35 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Not a single thing. NOTHING."
Bad "Service. Support Availability. Customer Service Reps EVERYTHING!"
Overall "This company should NOT be allowed to be in business."

I signed up for the 40Mbps plan for $34.95/month during the first week of June 2014. We averaged around 2.7Mbps but never quite reached 4Mbps download speed. I tried calling in to troubleshoot and found their call center hours impossible to work with and they had NO option to communicate through their website (imagine that as a metaphor... an internet company that doesn't know how to utilize their own website for business purposes). They claim their business hours are from 8am-6pm Monday through Friday but I could never reach them past 4pm. I received a message that I needed to call back during business hours. If they do not have an online correspondence option then these hours are not reasonable for anyone who works a 9-5 type job. When I finally reached a rep, she was dismissive to my concerns about slow speeds. She offered no solutions and would not reduce my bill or switch me to a smaller plan at a lower rate even though my area was not ABLE to reach anywhere near the speeds I was paying for. At this point I was only 2 weeks into dealing with them so I asked to disconnect my service. I got disconnected but thought we had resolved closing the account. I received a bill soon after and discovered they had NOT disconnected me as I had requested. I called back again (mind you, to do this within their insane call center hours, I had to call during my lunch break, sit on hold for at least 30 minutes, get transferred from one surly, unhelpful employee after another to whom I had to repeat my account information to each time. To each and every one, I confirmed my identity and told them I wanted to disconnect my service. I had to repeat myself so many times only to run out of time on my lunch break and have to hang up before they could process my one simple request.

Now it is 3 months into the ordeal and I have called a dozen times to disconnect but still they are charging me for service. Today when I called to disconnect, the employee told me she could disconnect me but I would receive a $200 disconnection fee because it is after my 30 day grace period. So all total, we are looking at $450 they are claiming I owe for a service I NEVER received.

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Minneapolis, MN

Well.. In the meantime...

Have you tried hard-wiring your comuter it should significantly help. WiFi quality with them is poor.

Phoenix, AZ

Re: Well.. In the meantime...

said by greatshow09:

Have you tried hard-wiring your comuter it should significantly help. WiFi quality with them is poor.

Let me correct that: WiFi on CenturyLink provided routers happens to be poor

Also to the OP, have you tried bypassing the internal wiring on the house? usually that's the culprit with the 40Mbps speed as most houses have old school daisy-chained wiring and it will wreak havoc with a 40Mbps VDSL2 connection.


This is awful service....