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  • Location: Youngsville,Franklin,NC
  • Cost: $65 per month
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "ROCK SOLID connections"
Overall "I'll never go back to dial up"
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Update 10/6/2011
Quite some time ago - I upgraded to 3M down / 640k up, and dropped to a DHCP . Otherwise - nothing new to really report. I did get an upgrade to the Embarq 660R modem when the 645 seemed like it was being flakey, but really - both modems are pretty rock solid, In the last couple days, I've been trying out a VoIP service - works as advertised over the DSL..

I have been considering moving to another broadband service - haven't made my mind up on that yet.

Some areas of Centurylink's service area are having issues - but I have never had anything of consequence to report. Speeds are consistent, as are all other measures of internet service.

Update 12-8-2005
Replacement modem was a Zyxel 645 - it's been pretty reliable. Service hasn't changed a bit - reliability hasn't either. If I have dialtone - I have DSL service. Service is reliable enough that my wife now works at home over VPN. Speeds haven't significantly changed with the current level of my service - debating whether it would be worth it to upgrade speed.

Cable modem service is available from TWC /Roadrunner - been tempted, but still staying - Static IP is a GOOD thing sometimes, and its not available (AFAIK) on cable for residential service.

March 2nd 03
I guess you could say I'm an old timer on DSL - I was the 3rd person in my DSLAM back in July of 2000. Originally ordered 512K/ 128K , at that time, they weren't charging for static IP, but they offered and I took it. It surprised me that DSL was available at all (my nearest CO is 8 miles away), but Sprint had put a DSLAM in a hut that was close enough.
Equipment - Alcatel SpeedTouch Home. Has mostly worked, but I have a problem with it and my latest router (Netgear FVS318). Will be calling tomorrow about getting a replacement.

About a year ago, I got notified that I was going to have to start paying for my Static IP - OK - no problem. 4 months ago, I found that I could go up to 1.5M / 256K, and my net increase was only $4 / month (static IP for 512 was $9.95, for 1.5 it's $4.95). I asked if I would be keeping my old IP, all information I got back said yes. However, when I lost DSL service on the day of the upgrade, I called the 877-6GODATA number and tech support told me that some reprovisioning had forced them to change my IP and here it is and is there anything else we can do ?

Speed tests,etc. - when my equipment is setup correctly - I consistently get 90%+ of speed promised. Outages - very rare - as a point of fact, in December my area had an ice storm that took out electricity for most of the day. However, once I ran an extension cord from an invertor in my car to my DSL modem / router / computer, I could keep using DSL !

Disclosure - I am a Sprint employee, but I am NOT involved with that part of the company business. In terms of my phone service / DSL service, I get treated just like other consumers.

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