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Review by KA0OUV See Profile

  • Location: Jefferson City,Cole,MO
  • Cost: $95 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Works great. Never down. Consistent Bandwidth. Low Latency."
Bad "(Minor) It's 3Mb/640Kb DSL."
Overall "It Just works. 5 1/2 years in, it still just works."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I purchased 29.95/month (Forever) 3Mb/640kb DSL from Sprit/Embarq/CenturyLink when it was offered in a big push in 2006. I have two phone lines with them already, and the DSL was purchased to go along with Mediacom Cable and possibly supplant it. I ended up keeping them both.

The DSL just works. Speed tests are always on the rails, and it is always available, even when the power is out. If I can get electrons to my computer and DSL modem, I have high speed internet access.

Latency is very good and consistent, and local peering has made accessing stuff close to work easier. Higher speed is available, but I am keeping the "locked in" cost for now. No muss, no fuss.

Equipment is Zyxel Prestige 645 modem. It also just works. It has had one firmware update to it since it has been in service. I ran it for a long time as router before moving to bridge mode.

I have had just a couple of interactions with tech support, and the PA call center I worked with had excellent staff. I have also worked with the local store after it was open one time, and also had excellent results from store staff. They were knowledgeable and had their stuff together.

As I said in the bottom line, it just works.

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Boise, ID

Great to hear

KA0OUV, glad you're enjoying your DSL connection. Just let us know if we can ever help out. Thanks!

Joey H
Manager, @CenturyLinkHelp Team




I would like to complain about our internet! its terrible. i have to call every other day to keep it working. it never works like it should. the speed is fast maybe for 1 hr a day at most then it drops down to not working. The people that i call never explain the problem they only say it is the router. ITS NOT OUR ROUTER. The problem is the PROVIDER. Centurylink is the ONLY provider in our area and they cant even give us reliable internet. i am outraged and hope that i can get a response.
Boise, ID


Hi Lukebob. We're happy to assist you with any trouble you're having. Just email us with your account information to the address above. Thanks!

Joey H