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Review by mooch See Profile

  • Location: Sunbury,Delaware,OH
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Have only had the service for a bit over a month but I have no complaints at this point!"
Bad "After 4 months of service...Evening slow downs are HORRENDOUS, connection becomes useless!"
Overall "After 5 months of evening slow speeds the issue was fixed...hope it stays that way!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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It's supposed to be 6 meg, it's actually a very consistent 5 meg download. The upload speed is only supposed to be 512kb and that's about what I get.

Update 2/4/12: After having the service for 3 months, I've had no issues. Download speeds are pretty much always between 5 and 6 mb. Knock on wood, hope it continues to perform well.

Update 3/2/12: After 4 months of service, I've become a victim of the night time sloooowwws. For the last week, my 6 meg connection is about 1/10 the speed it should be. Hard to believe that I have DSL service that has a worse case of the prime time slows than satellite service does. Sad.

Update 3/3/12: The night time slow ups started early tonight at 6:00. Speetest.net page won't even load to check my speed (or,lack of). Started a newsgroup download just to see how bad it was...a whopping 100kbps. With evening speeds having gone belly up, I've downgraded my review stats on this service.

Update 5/14/12: Learning to just suck it up and try not to dwell on the fact that I have really, really. really bad Centurylink DSL service. Centurylink has now even come up with another way to make their service bad. If my prime time speeds aren't super slow then the pattern will be speeds running as normal for about 30 seconds and then dead for 30 seconds and then running normal for 30 seconds...continue this pattern until the wee hours of the morning and the result is a connection that is frustrating at best.

Update 5/28/12: Centurylink DSL service here is still frustratingly unusable for anything other than simple page loads. Tonight was the first time a speed test completed without timing out. VERY unhappy with Centurylink's lousy DSL service but they've got me where they've got a lot of their customers...no other service available other than dial up or Hughesnet. Hard to believe, I've contemplated going back to Hughesnet!

UPDATE 6/26/12 - Something at Centurylink was fixed as my ultra slow download speeds in the evenings have not been an issue for several weeks. My 6mb connection has been running consistently at 6mb. Knock on wood!

UPDATE 1/8/13 - Speeds have been where they should be for a 6mb connection for the last 6 months. Unfortunately, the Centurylink DSL slow speeds have returned as of 12/31/12. The last time I went through this, it took 3 months before Centurlink's DSL speeds were back out of the crapper, wonder how long it'll take this time?

UPDATE 4/12/13 - Ping times are double what they had been in 2012, this is the case regardless of the time of day. Evening speeds dip to about half what they should be. Had one person in Advanced Tech support leave me a voice mail at home indicating I should call back to advanced tech support and request that a "homerun" direct line be run from the box on the house to the outlet I have the modem connected to. Called back advanced tech support and had the misfortune of talking to "Mike". Mike takes the cake for being one of the worst reps I've ever spoke with at Centurylink. When I described a previous issue that was resolved by a service call that fixed some wiring at my house...he jumped at the chance to tell me that he had no record of me EVER calling Centurylink and no record of a service person EVER coming to my house to do work and then refused to follow through on the suggestion from another tech that a homerun line be installed. Very frustrating!

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Winter Park, FL

Slow, Slower, Slowest.

I've been having problems with CenturyUnLink speeds for a while now. Tech showed up unannounced today, one day late and installed a new router. Speed was fine while everyone was at work. Now I'm:

»www.speedtest.net/result/2130992 ··· 2313.png

Can it really get any slower and still be connected?

Califon, NJ

Century link slowdowns new firmware PK5001z

They released new firmware for the PK5001Z modem router that is suppose to fix several issues related to disconnects that. I installed it last night. Too soon to comment if service is improved.

Queen Anne, MD

Your responsibility

Apparently the rep must have mis-spoke. If you need a homerun that is on you. Pay somebody to come out and run it.

No Booing Allowed

Dublin, OH
·Embarq Now Centu..

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Re: Your responsibility

Wireless dog...appartenly you misunderstood what I posted on the homerun line.

Due to issues reported to CL, I had a tier 2 person call me at home and leave a voice mail suggesting that a homerun line be wired up. He told me to call tier 2 tech support back and request that and CL would install the homerun line. I know a few other folks who have had the same thing done at the expense of the phone company so it's not unusual. My parents had the same thing done by ATT at no expense to them. I also pay a monthly fee for line guard with Centurylink which is paid on in case Centurylink has to do work on wiring within the house.