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Review by Crusty See Profile

  • Location: Sanger,Denton,TX
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Decent package speeds, decent cost. Customer service through these forums is outstanding."
Bad "Connection issues, speed issues, customer service through phone is horrid."
Overall "If I had another option, I'd jump ship."
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My Other Reviews

Update 3-5-14

Finally managed to get bonded DSL in my area on 2-27. First customer in entire area according to install techs. So far it has been outstanding. 25Mbps/2Mbps package and my lines can actually obtain more than that if they'd unthrottle me. But hey..twice the speeds is very nice to have finally. Latency and gaming has also been tremendously better. Still not able to stream Netflix at HD but I'm thinking that's due to CTL limiting that. I'm able to get full HD from other HD providers (YouTube, Vudu, Hulu, Amazon) just not Netflix. I can switch to my LTE connection and stream through Wifi hotspot to my tablet and get HD on Netflix so this is why I believe CTL is doing some trickery.

Now, if CTL would throw a sizeable chunk of money into the infrastructure of this area and areas it routes through that would be great. All the issues below have gone away for now but I'd imagine that they will be back. Because of this, I'm going to wait to update my actual rating of them. Updated costs to new package.

I've said it before in the forums, if it was for CTL_Joey and all the hard work he and his team have done for me I would've permanently gone away from CTL to someone else even if that meant much higher costs to me. Thanks again Joey for all you've done.

Update 11-7-13

Issues have gotten progressively worse at peak time hours. Gaming latency will hover around 200-300 and can't stream a single HD movie from Netflix or HD clip from YouTube.

Update 5-10-13

Issues haven't been resolved and is slowly getting worse.

Update 1-15-13

I'm seeing the exact same issues that I describe below prior to leaving them. Slowness during peak times, very high latency and pretty much crippled if I want to do anything online.

Reliability rating is kicked back down.

Update - 11-14-12

After leaving CTL for a WISP and then coming back after I was promised multiple times that the issues were put to bed, I went back to CTL. Pure broadband only. 10Mb package.

I've been back on it since Julyish of this year. Other than a couple hiccups with slowness, it's been pretty rock solid like it used to be prior to CTL.

So, I'm changing my review (Connection reliability only) just a smidge.

Update 2-14-12

Still having same issues described below. Each and every week night 5pm+, my speeds come to a crawl and just about anytime on weekends they crawl as well.

Multiple phone calls to cust serv and numerous exchanged emails.

During daytime since I've started seeing these issues, my speeds are great if not FANTASTIC.

Updated all rankings to reflect on going issues.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
I currently pay for the 10Mb package and have had since the first day it's been available in my area. (approx march/april of 09).

I live in the Sanger, TX area.

modem is the 660R

Prior to upgrading to the 10Mb package, I rarely had to call into support for help. Since upgrading i've had numerous speed issues and siginificant amount of downtime. I've got every issue documented since upgrading and they go back to april of 09. Most of the issues have been horrid speeds (worse than dial up numerous joke) but also have had issues of net being completely down.

Customer service through the 800 line is horrible and most folks run you through the script even after you've done it 7 times with everyone else. Gets extremely frustrating when you already know where the problem lies.

good experiences with centurylink/embarq?? working with the fine techs that monitor these forums. I've gotten much better customer support and response with the folks who monitor these forums compared to the 800 line. Prices are just about right.

Overall?? Unfortunately my side of the street can only get dsl while my neighbors have cable to choose from as well. I've been with this service for years ever since it was sprint/earthlink, then embarq and now centurylink and because of the amount of issues i've had since upgrading to the 10Mb and the frustrations of dealing with 800 line, I'd jump ship in a hearbeat if i had any other suitable option.

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Slow Speeds and Poor Phone Support

I recently switched from Mediacom Cable to CenturyLink DSL. I was averaging about 4M download speeds from Mediacom. I am paying for 5M service from CenturyLink, but I am averaging about 300K download.

I called their technical support and it was obviously an off-shore operation. The support tech could not understand me and transferred me to the sales office so I could order service (I already have service). The sales office transferred me to a different support group, but they were not helpful either.


Re: Slow Speeds and Poor Phone Support

if your paying for the 5MBPS package you should be downloading at 500kbits