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Review by moodydan See Profile

  • Location: Gate City,Scott,VA
  • Cost: $40 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party CenturyTel
Good "Reliable, good customer service, willing to work on rates"
Bad "Slowish for today's needs, far behind in upgrades"
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I've had Embarq (Now Centurylink) for years now. I live in a rural area and they are still my only option for high speed. I've been fairly happy with them and they've worked with me on getting my bill down, customer service has been very good, and my connection has been reliable very rarely going out. That being said I've only seen some minor speed bumps over the years and I've been stuck on 6 Mbps for around two years with no speed upgrades on the horizon. This was fine years ago but in an HD video world this is getting sluggish and I can feel my internet slow down if I'm using the connection on severel devices especially if they are doing video. Honestly if I had another choice that offered a reliable connection but faster speeds I'd switch. Centurylink really needs to be moving to a fiber option, DSL is just too slow for many users these days.

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Lafayette, IN

Not that bad

You're lucky as hell that you get 6 Mb in a rural area. 1.5 max here.

Gate City, VA

Re: Not that bad

I just dumped CenturyLink. My area has been wired for a new company and they offer speeds up to 10 Mbps download/ 2 Mbps upload. They also offer a home phone service and TV. So I have a triple internet/home phone/TV package with them now. Due to my living situation and living with somebody that gets an employee discount I get TV/Home Phone/Internet for only $33 a month!!! This can't be beat and honestly the internet part at least seems to be better than CenturyLink.

Tillamook, OR


I've had 10 Mbps for about five years now and still no upgrades in speed in sight. Going over 5 years without CenturyLink bumping up the speed is ridiculous.