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Review by natebo See Profile

  • Location: Croton,Licking,OH
  • Cost: $40 per month
Good "Best option for the location"
Bad "Service can sometimes be slow and lost of packets"
Overall "Better then satellite"
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Croton, OH BFE. Being a tech person moving out here was painful. For ~13 years I dealt with dialup, and then satellite. I hated HughesNet. When DSL came out, I was the first to signup. Service and cost was great! As time went on, around 2012 the service started to get worst. I was told but support (after many calls) it was because of bandwidth and there was plans on upgrading the equipment. Months went by and nothing. I would say early 2013 they must have upgraded the network equipment and service got better. Well, it would seem this month 10/2013 service is starting to show sign of becoming more unreliable. Just today 11/2/2013 at around 1900hrs I was getting 40% pack loss.

All in all, I am happy with the service. Years with nothing and satellite has made me appreciate what I have, but I am still watching it, and I will complain when I don't get what I pay for.

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Fremont, OH


13hours or years?

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My ancestors lived in Licking, so I know where it is on a map. As a tech person you know the farther you live from the plant, the threadier the service. You also know Internet congestion slow connections 7-10pm, after school and on weekend nights. If ADSL is being delivered over copper from plant to your house and the two are not separated it can cause some instability problems. The solution for me was to remove all the splitters and add a whole house filter at the box outside the house. It resolved 90% of my misery. The other 10% is because it is NOT POTS - which is an issue in itself.

I live in a rural area that is served by a phone duopoly with CL and another telco that sells cable. The counties surrounding me are served by Comcast or TW and AT&T.
I began looking there for a home. The cost to get Top Tier instead of Second Tier provider is an average of $25 more for 1/2 the bandwidth. They advertise 45Mbps speed. The reality is 3-6Mbps with .256 Mbps uplink AND it's capped. I will stay where I am, take my 10/.80, and be happy.
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