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Review by adisor19 See Profile

  • Location: Brossard,QC
  • Cost: $90 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Consistant speeds are always as advertised."
Bad "EXPENSIVE, RIDICULOUS CAPS, slow upload and now the extrme tier has a 100GB cap ! WORTHLESS CUSTOMER SERVICE !"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

UPDATE March 27 2008 : Woke up this morning only to find my phone line DEAD and no internet access. Called Videotron with my cell only to be told the IDIOT CSR i spoke with on February 27 when i asked to cancel my account, put the cancellation date for TODAY the 27th of March instead of the 7th of April as i asked her to !!! WOW PURE INCOMPETENCE ON VIDEOTRON's PART. I told the CSR to restore my services just as they were until the end of my contract on the 7th of April. Checked my line and in 1 hour everything was back. I still can't believe the level of incompetence and arrogance this company has at least for their CONSUMER services. AVOID AT ALL COSTS !

UPDATE March 1st - 2008: Received my letter of contract renewal for the telephone service. Called in and asked to cancel all my services on the renewal date. Got transfered to retentions. I pleaded my case and asked that i be offered my initial EXTREME tier with fully unlimited transfers. The retentions person said that was no longer available and so she was unable to to keep me with Videotron. All services are cancelled as of April 7th 2008. GOOD RIDDANCE ! If ever they will start offering unlimited transfer tiers again, i will reconsider them, but right now, I'm happy i got rid of them after all the crap they've been pouring on their customers since last year.

UPDATE December 2 - 2007 : Starting with December 11 2007, people that are not on a contract (like me), get their 30$ of maximum overcharge for the high speed tier increased to 50$. This is becoming ridiculous !!! I hate this company and i can't wait until my phone contract with them expires in February in order to get rid of them with no penalty.

UPDATE October 19 - 2007 : People are reporting a 1$ a month increase for the telephone service. They are not imposing this in the middle of the contract but rather at renewal time. As soon as my contract is up i'll be dumping them asap.

UPDATE : September 15 - 2007 : Starting OCTOBER 2007, the EXTREME tier will get a 100GB cap for the same price. This is a total rip off and a total disregard to current customers already on a contract. I will cancel my service and stop recommending Videotron to anybody as this is unacceptable.


I'm on the extreme tier for about 6 months now and i can only praise the constant speed and quality of service. Really consistent speeds during any time of the day. Love the fact that it truly is an UNLIMITED connection. I've been bittorrenting night and day for months sometimes with downloads of 70GB per month and similar uploads with no problem. I have NEVER received a call from them or a letter warning me of excessive data usage.The only problem is that it's a bit expensive.


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