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Review by joey45454 See Profile

  • Location: Quebec
  • Cost: $150 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Reliable service online; Cable tv support recently dodgy. Awesome installation guys/ ladies."
Bad "No bad issues currently. Videotron landline in power failure an issue; re-supposed power back-up"
Overall "Videotron is PRETTY MUCH VERY solid service for me.... mostly so far......"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE, December 2012

Not applicable to Broadband itself I assume, but -

All has been great Videotron since my last review here a couple of years back.

The following really applies mostly to tv cable support - since I have not had the below issue happen with internet cable support to be honest.....

A service tech recently came by to help install a new cable box.... we got to chatting about Bell and their shoddy services. When I commented about my past Bell 'India' tech support woes years ago, the tech told me Videotron now uses the same system; this was a surprise to me since I always had known communicating with only 'local' videotron tech support over the phone in the rare occasions I used them the past few years.

But in the past days I made follow-up calls to Videotron cable-tv tech support [ 1st tier I assume ] and found myself chatting with 'Videotron-India'. A couple of the tech support were helpful - and a couple were horrible reminders of Bell's floundering outsourced India-support I'd dealt with many years earlier.
--- One conversation was like a Pink Panther movie scene between Clouseau and Dreyfuss - 'minkey' - 'monkey' -> "you mean monkey"' - "yes that's what I said; 'minkey'" .
With me trying to find the tech-advice for 'video-soos' button on the remote; I finally figured he meant 'video source'> and he said , 'yes- video soos'.....
That was one comical aspect, but it was frustrating trying to communicate.
When I asked for supervisor assistance in the end, the line disconnected!

SO VIDEOTRON, I appeal to you to ditch this Videotron-India outsourcing clone of Bell-India. Some of them may be good helpers, but Videotron will be remembered and criticized for the definite increase in complaints you will get about the bad helpers.

Go back to ALL-local, Canadian support; Don't be cheap and shoot yourselves in the foot. YOU WILL LOSE BUSINESS AND CUSTOMERS.


UPDATE, December 23, 2010

Ok, Videotron Phone service has been more reliable since my last update.
I assume Videotron is attempting to make huge maintenance/ technical backup strides so that the last fiasco I mentioned in my prior review does not repeat itself.
I still must repeat - until Videotron is solidly reliable in residential phone connection, I suggest people who use videotron for home phone service, should use another company for mobile phone service as a backup in an emergency.

This time though my update is one of thumbs up for videotron; just after my last review, Videotron informed me of a substantial drop in package subscription fees;

Also- my already fast/ reliable Videotron cable speed was even faster and solid.

So- I give Videotron one and a half thumbs up for their services this year- overall.
I have adjusted my Videotron ratings higher compared to the drop I made the last time.
Keep the standards high Videotron!


UPDATE, August 26, 2010

Here's why;
Generally I've been happy with Videotron Internet and customer service since my last review last October. But there are now cracks in my former high regard of Videotron
1] They are a monopoly and bullying/ imposing higher rates frequently on customers while raking in HUGE profits and not offering anything decent regarding noticeable improvements in services.

2] Their home phone service is unreliable. In the past year, my home phone service -in a major Quebec city- has disconnected 3 times- once was due to unannounced 'service upgrading'?, once was due to 1-day advanced/announced 'service upgrading'? [ both these occasions, phone and internet service was down for several hours] and finally yesterday VIDEOTRON PHONE and INTERNET service was down for ;

9 HOURS !!!!!

Even Bell which you know from my reviews I detested, had never surpassed such an obscenity of disrupted urban internet services! AND AT LEAST I NEVER HAD PHONE DISRUPTIONS NOR SHUTDOWNS WITH BELL- NEVER!!!

Luckily, yesterday I had mobile phone services with ANOTHER COMPANY- and I was able to contact Videotron to find out what was going on, and to make very important personal phone calls. IMAGINE the disaster I / others would have if their only phone service was through Videotron! Even 9-11 would have been impossible.

I hope other Videotron phone customers who went through the same horror yesterday and in the past year will leave en-masse OR AT LEAST COMPLAIN TO VIDEPTRON AND CRTC---- I might even to back to Bell for home phone service. And if I find a cheaper but quality and MORE RELIABLE internet service -ISP alternative, I will switch.

PS. I made my complaint formally about yesterday's fiasco to here;
at crtc complaints

I wonder what I 'll say in a future review;
Videotron better take note of this. Their highest level of owners should make apologies for yesterday's humiliation> not paid customer relations middle management.

I adjusted my Videotron review rating considerably lower for connection reliability, services, and fees- as related to the high rates they charge customers promising 'best services possible'!

----- UPDATE DECEMBER 2012------

UPDATE, October 5, 2009

OK- probably my last update you'll see from me.
But the ironic twist to the end of this tale is something you'll find hilarious.

A few months ago I decided to opt for the total videotron package by using their phone service too along with cable tv, internet -[and I'm now trying out theur pricey extreme plus service which they said I can downgrade anytime freely during my contract period] Naturally, having used Bell for so long for my phone service, I was hesitant as a creature of habit to rid this final connection with them. However, the friendly videotron rep. on the phone [ who talked like he knew his product and didn't sound like he was reading off a card ] went through in detail and lengthily how much I'd save by using their comparative phone services; it was a good amount less! So I went for it. The process on the phone was terrific and LOCAL -> no Bell India reps talking me through it. They told me how they'd take care of the switchover at their end before the phoneline 'fixer' showed up. He came on time and was all work and double checked his job before leaving. I was then a videotron phone subscriber. NO MORE BELL! I thought..... haha- the story continues.

A week later I get phoned by a Bell representative -a nice local lady who asks me to switch back to Bell- because.........
In other words, it was fine that I was being overcharged by Bell all the while until the competition moves in with a reasonable rate. Seeing as she was nice, I nicely told the rep she should go back to her Bell hierarchy with the reply that they should put the horse before the cart and give people fair rates from the start and not offer them AFTER they leave.

So that was the end of Bell............. nope.

A week later I get a nice 'card' from Bell asking if their cherished former customer won't reconsider coming back to Bell. That went into the paper recycle box very quickly.
So that was the end of Bell's farcical history....... finally-----> nope.

A week later I get my final bill from Bell. It noted my final bill amount was a 'credit' -not a 'credit due' -very cunning.
That's nice , I thought. But how was I to get that credit---> Bell never made ANY mention of that process and apparently they were content to keep it. I called Bell and they told me they would send me the credited amount by check.....
Thanks Bell - I had to find that out myself! So now for the grand finale...........

Bell said the check would LIKELY get to me 6 weeks later!!! I just thought 'typical'.
So after all this nonsense I've laid out in my updated reviews regarding Bell services as a comparison to videotron, guess what happens with my absolute final episode with Bell !

Life is peculiarly funny sometimes.

ps. Videotron phone service is running smoothly - I took the leap and am glad.
I don't know if you'll see anymore updates from me since all is going very well with my Videotron services - and now definitely no more Bell ever- their check is deposited
-end of story.
THE END as in 'All's well that ends well'.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

UPDATE, January 20, 2009

I'm back.
Still rocking along with Videotron.
Connection Stability is my highest kudos in my current update - I think to date, maybe 3 interruptions in total-including 2 very short ones.
Thankfully, the nightmares of constant connection disruptions as a past Bell sympatico 'sucker' are far-off fading memories. Its funny seeing bells promos to try and lure me back. I'm getting fed up with their high bloated-services phone bills too.

One commenter below- AdisoR has an issue about my last update giving high marks to Videotron's service. He somehow equates caps on bandwidth as the sole standard for bad service or not giving a perfect service rating.
Sorry AdisoR chum, but not all of us use huge amounts of bandwidth. I made reference to the point about caps, on behalf of those who DO use alot of bandwidth and that they should get a better deal.
Otherwise, for me, the service is perfect -EXCEPT. I will deduct one point in the rating, because I think the download transfer speeds should be improved much better; even though just recently I admit, I made a very, very fast download of a big demo game.

One recent thing I noticed which Videotron SHOULD clear up is their mailed invoice/bills. They do not properly specify the actual internet package customers use. Videotron has several of them and do list them specifically on their website, but on the bill, the packages are more generally termed -its therefore not initially clear what actual subset internet package the customer has until they go the website and see from their bill calculations which one they are using.
I also hope Videotron tells their customer service to make sure they know about these subset packages and explain them specifically to customers. Right now they mention 2 packages, but there are subsets of them; I know this because in enquiring about a package with a phone rep, I rechecked their info at the videotron site to discover the package listings was a bit more complex.

Another joke about Bell; over the holidays an elder friend of mine asked me about bell dial-up since they were in a remote location and could get nothing else at that time for internet services. She knew little about connecting for the first time. I advised her to tell the Bell reps she was to contact that she knew nothing about setting it up and to get the full information on the setup procedure. Bell subsequently told her she didn't need installation cds to set up the dialup connection. They said they only needed to give her phone instructions regarding id/log-in entries into the computer. Too bad the Bell reps didn't listen to the part about their new customer 'not knowing anything about setting up the internet'..... Did they tell my friend to FIRST make sure an actual phone line was connected to the computer. It's obvious of course to the non-elder generation a phone line is needed, but come on Bell- if someone needs /asks for a complete step by step, give it to them at a full slow pace- just like a manual would do so!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

UPDATE; February 17, 2008

Me again... Someone -adi- replied to an earlier post of mine asking me why I rated videotron so high if I had an issue with the limit. Answer - my comment about caps on bandwidth was in suggesting videotron lower their prices accordingly with that switch in policy-which they did. I never complained about limits. I'm on the internet ALOT I download a fair bit - I'm very happy with my service. Responders need to read comments carefully before replying with altered feedback.

Anyway, back to the present.....
Since 6 months ago -me, personally -I've been in internet heaven with videotron internet services -the $100 I pay for cable and internet is more than fine with me.... my adsl headaches with Bell / tech support are like a fading bad memory now. The internet hums along with NO problems / no interruptions [oh maybe one 1 hour one several months ago ]. I can upload/download without fretting if my internet will break down like with Bell, I can play games without being disconnected, d/l are faster [and of course instant cnnection] - for a few dollars more per week than Bell, having videotron cable is more than worth it in my experience.
Furthermore the very few times I called videotron tech support for enquiries/assistance with my cable tv I got very polite service.... I'm not sure what's going on in the other reviews where they have a string of bad experiences -if its bad luck with bad support or maybe something else is the issue in those communications....
I'm still smiling whenever I remember the chirpy Mr.NiceGuy videotron tech who set up my internet modem in a flash and was eager to be on time for his next appointment.
If videotron management likes my tips again, I think they should aim to train their staff 100% more along these lines of positive attitude if others here are having bad times with rude support. Rude support should be always fired right away - resolving issues skillfully with the public should not be a neglected job obligation.

So I still have 2 thumbs up for videotron, and for me I'm getting value for my dollar. I can't compare to similar services outside of Quebec, but I'm here and I'm very happy with an affordable RELIABLE service, and I know there are nightmare competitors that nearly everyone hates.

ps videotron strategists-. that 20GB cap should be dumped; you're losing money in lost business..... at least double it... you'll gain customers, revenue..... be a pleasure to ALL customers-don't look stingy.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

UPDATE; August 28th, 2007

I know you read these reviews videotron. I strongly suggest your head office big shots have a big meeting and work immediately on at least reducing the fee for the new 'maximum' extreme plan. Unlike the astute reviewers here, most of your customers likely will overlook that '30 day' notice/letter of policy change you send out, and you may end up having alot of very surprised and angry customers contacting you for an explaination-of course.

At most you could/should charge $53.95. The new 'limit' plan is your achilles heel. The string of very positive reviews you have been getting is now sagging solely because of this issue. Please don't act like bell sympathetico; listen to your customers and deliver the fullest satisfaction you promised. We're all watching you now......
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

UPDATE; August 21st, 2007

So today was the first hiccup in weeks since joining videotron; Internet going off for several very short spells - I start worrying as my Bell sympatheticOh nightmares flashback.
I call videotron's general number ; Automated message informing me right away of technical work going on in my area and what time it should end- Very impressive I'm thinking. But I want to see if I can get more info- I phone technical support-I'm speaking to a real live/local person in minutes- I tell him what the issue is and in half a minute he lets me know what work videotron is doing in my area and the street -and the precise time it will be complete! Anyway it seems those disruptions are very minor in the meantime -if there are anymore today-looks like not.
If Bell sympatheticOh had resolved an enquiry so easily and quickly I would've fainted.
Well done videotron you passed another test.

I hope you do something about your 'unlimited rates/policy'. You need to act fast to rectify that before you have alot of customers deserting you-as you can see in the latest reviews here. I'd hate to see you floundering around looking to get lost customers like Bell sympatheticOh.


Original FEEDBACK ENTRY - August 1st, 2007
So, 3 weeks ago after procastinating on leaving Bell Sympatioc/ aka SYMPATHETICO, with their continuously -predictably(sadly)- patchy service since the last time I wrote [SEE MY SYMPATICO REVIEW], Bell helped me make a final decision. What happened was a breakdown of sympatico for 3-4 hours CITY-wide-!!! I was on the phone to videotron for a switch to cable very shortly after. On the phone with a rep. from Bell India, to inquire about cancellation procedures, I was asked why I wished to cancel sympatico. Even after I mentioned there was a city-wide breakdown of services,. I was asked a couple of times if I wished to contact tech support!?

The next week when I phoned to cancel sympatico the rep had a bizarre logic by trying to console me in the fact that ''it wasn't just me that had services disrupted-it was the whole city'..... I'm not sure how he figured that would make me decide to stay with sympatico?

Anyway, for a few bucks more, AND researching the excellent Videotron reviews at this site I switched to videotron unlimited cable services. Except for a couple of minor hiccups with the initial videotron rep who was obviously new, the praises I read about videotron were utterly true in my case. The videotron tech came on time to install my system and I was shocked when he came through my door with a beaming smile. He worked blazingly fast and in the meantime we had a great conversation. He was done in 20 minutes and after a pleasant goodbye he flew off eager to get to his next appointment. Now that is service. Take note Bell!

Even though the videotron guy said many Bell users are switching to videotron for the better pricing options, I HAD to switch because I needed a reliable service for uploading. With sympatico, it got to the point where I fretted everyday waiting for the inevitable sequence of service breakdowns that would send me into hysterics.
Now with my cable services, its like breathing fresh air; although d/l and u/l speeds are generally reasonably better than sympatico dsl [when it worked], there's no substitute for feeling assured everyday now that it'd only be a fluke if services were disrupted while online.

I made my switch and I'm pleased. If you're fed up with sympatico too, I urge you to switch so that Bell realises they need to deliver the goods instead of using their dopey beavers phoney advertising in claiming Bell internet is a paradise compared to the competition. Read reviews for yourself and compare.

Signed, A very happy guy compared to when I wrote my first review.

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