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Review by TH47 See Profile

  • Location: Saint-Hubert,QC
  • Cost: $180 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Services are mostly worth the money, but they rise constantly and without valid reason"
Bad "TV channel choice poor, land phone dead if power failure"
Overall "Be sure you understand the shortcomings"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I have had Vidéotron's mobile service for 4 months. Basically... it works, even if I live in a basement! I clearly remember my Bell phone (10 years ago) having trouble catching the signal.

They have cheap yet good phones (I chose a Samsung Galaxy Mini, 15$ at the time) and cheap yet good service (I plan to upgrade to Voice 25, which is 100 minutes, unlimited evenings and week-ends, call display, message box and unlimited messaging) soon. I don't get that many calls that are worth answering or returning.

I like it!


Ordering Internet (high speed) was easy by phone. When I found out that my antenna got no TV channels, I called back to order TV if possible on the same visit. I was told to ask the technician if he had time. He did it. The modem was a regular cable modem.

A year later I ordered land phone (around 39 $/month at the time I think). They changed the modem. The battery is supposed to give 8 hours of service in case of power failure. It stops before 2 hours. I guess I'll have to consider mobile emergency service.

The TV channels choice is poor, especially in English. New English channels have time to prosper everywhere else before Videotron will consider adding them. But Internet is trustworthy and the phone quality is excellent when power is available.

This company will raise its prices more than once a year. Yesterday (as they were announcing Illico 2.0) they raised the fees for almost all of their TV packages, after raising TV basic service and Internet service by $2 a month on January 1. So be warned.

Probably not the best company available, but when your landlord doesn't allow dishes, Videotron is a reasonably good alternative.

On the other hand, Fibe is apparently coming up soon, and I will most definitely check on their offer...

UPDATE: I bought myself a tablet and decided to lease the Videotron router ($1.99/month) and it works beautifully with my notebook, my tablet and my smartphone. No more wires, YAY!


Another update: When I decided to "upgrade" my cell line (with them) and drop the landline, Videotron offered me so many discounts that I kept the landline (as a backup if I lost my cell phone or something) for $2.55 a month...

No call display or voicemail though.

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landline issues- Agreed

Yes on that reference about videotron landlines not doing its job in power failures. Best to have another company's mobile service at the same time.



Exactly. I plan to go on Rogers' Senior Plan (basic but economical) and keep the Videotron landline.

At least for a while...