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Review by omasse See Profile

  • Location: Montreal,QC
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "Just plain works"
Bad "Quotas, high price"
Overall "Great for non-technical users"
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My Other Reviews

·Electronic Box
I've been with them for over 10 years (yes, 10 years) and since I'm leaving soon for another provider, I think it was fair to make a long-term review.

Their internet service just works. In 10 years, I had absolutely no downtime and never experienced any problem. I didn't even have to reach tech support once. The only time I called was for a problem with my TV services and they fixed it up quickly.

Where things get less interesting is with download quotas. Of course, as a content carrier AND provider, Quebecor/Videotron does not want to make it easy to access content elsewhere and thus their packages are not tailored for heavy downloaders. For some time they could discard these customers as people who accessed content by non-standard means, but not anymore: in recent years, we've seen, Youtube HD and especially Netflix appear and low quotas no longer work for everyone. Combine that to the fact that anyone who is not subscribed to their TV services has to pay a 10$ extra monthly fee, and it creates lots of incentives to move to a third party provider.

For someone who is not tech savvy (no pun intended) and doesn't mind paying a little extra, Videotron is a good choice. Anyone who wishes to stream video content or download many games should consider going elsewhere.

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