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Review by JEDI See Profile

  • Location: Longueuil
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Reliable and great performance"
Bad "VERY low monthly download limit and high prices"
Overall "Good service but if you want to download or don't have extra money to waste, look for another provider"
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I was a customer for 15 years.

Service is very reliable. In those 15 years, I only had 2 periods with stability issues, it did require multiple visits from technicians but they eventually solved it. So only 2 problems in 15 years is quite good.

In those 15 years I never had any speed issue. Advertised speed is what I could get.

The not so good now. Monthly download limits are very low. It has always been an issue for me with Videotron but it seemed to get worse in the last years because needs increased a lot (bigger PC and Xbox demos, Netflix, Steam, youtube...) but Videotron, until recently, didn't increase enough (they didn't follow "inflation" I would say). Recently they did update the limit to 50 gig but it is still not enough, they had a lot more catchup to do. They don't want you to download too much, if you speak to them, they will try to sell you higher speed package even if you only want a higher limit and are satisfied with your current speed. The so called "block" do not have a lot of gb but a very high price (ridiculous).

The monthly price you pay is high. They will give excuses to increase the price every year (not the download limit though) even if you service stays the same. If you are an old customer, they won't care about you and it will be very hard to get a minimal rebate. It seems the longer you stay with them, the less they try to have competitive prices.

Customer service is OK (sometimes very good, other times really bad, it depends of the employee you speak to). Invoice is really hard to decrypt, they will often do a bunch of confusing adjustments that even their own staff cannot always explain (they do make errors when you change your service or have a rebate).

Keep a copy of your invoice. I (only once though) had to fight because they didn't respect what was clearly printed on my invoice (rebate). They wanted to end the rebate sooner.

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