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Six Month Rating

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Review by TransitMan See Profile

  • Location: Dayton,Montgomery,OH
  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Ultimate Speed. Good Price. NO CAPS!"
Bad "None."
Overall "AT&T Still Can't Touch This."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Still going with TWC/RR on a double play option.
Upgraded to the 50/5 speeds late last year, and everyone here is happy with the connection.
Not looking to change anytime soon, as unfortunately no one can close to the speeds offered by TWC/RR.


Still with TWC/RR. Recently upgraded to the Extreme speed of 30/5.
Cable tech showed up, got the modems swapped, got into the web gui and disabled the router portion of the cable modem.
Did a speed test and it was 30Mb down/5Mb up.
Extremely satisfied, as are the kids now.
AT&T cellular customer service (my cell service is through AT&T Wireless) keeps trying to talk me into U-Verse, and I have politely told them that since they instituted the caps, there would be no way I am switching to them. Besides, they could not match the speeds being offered by TWC/RR.


Still with TWC/RR. Still going strong.
With the exception of the hurricane force winds in OHIO last September, have not had any down time to speak of.
With Powerboost, I get anywhere from my rated 15mb down to as high as 28mb down.
Would like to see a bump in the upload department, but right now, it works.


TWC/RR is still going strong.
No dropped line issues, no problems with speed or service.
Email is also a non-issue.
For this household, it is the best cost effective solution there is.

TWCRR is now the only high speed service in the house.
I have since dropped AT&T DSL service altogether.
Speeds are stable and rock solid.

Was with ELK via TWC until the roll-out of the new higher speeds. (15,000k down / 768k up)
After the speed bump, I started checking the pricing between the 2 for the top speed tier and RR by far was the least expensive. Easy choice there, dropped ELK and came back to RR.
An unfortunate lightning strike took out my cable modem, but after calling in (once I got the ATT line fixed - it suffered the same fate) was able to swap the modem out at the local office, no problems.
A week later got TWC Digital Phone after ELK dropped the ball on getting me a new ATA.
Very satisfied with my return to RR.
Would recommend them to those who can get it.

Ordered RR back about 2 months ago after having been gone for awhile.
Got the self-install unit. Easy and painless.
The only reason I got this is I have 2 teenagers who suck down bandwidth like some people drink water. Plus it gives the household a back-up in case DSL goes out (rarely).
Have only noticed minor slowdowns, no major outages.
In all, I am satisfied for the moment.
Also have my ELK True Voice connected to cable connection.

Ordered my RoadRunner service via on line offering.
Received confirmation email as to date and time for install. That date and time came and went without installation. After several phone calls, I got a promise from the head RR person in my area for a new install the following weekend. Installer showed up early and within 3 hours I was up and running on cable.
After some tweaks to my system from IDSL, my speeds are running around 2.0m down and 384 up, the theoretical limit from RR.
Got a 3Com tail-fin modem, ugly looking thing, dynamic IP.
Run all this behind my Linksys router with no problems.

Bottom line recomendation, to those that have a good cable system and can get Road Runner, go for it. It is worth my time and money.

Will be switching to ELN via TWC by the end of the week.

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