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Review by Ray422 See Profile

  • Location: Adger,Jefferson,AL
  • Cost: $60 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Speed is only fair for cable"
Bad "Tech support is terrible"
Overall "Growing more difficult to continue their service"
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Connection Reliability:
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-TW/RR installed 1/24/02. This service started out as excellent, but as they add subscribers, the service and customer support continually gets worse. Every outage in the past 9 years has been blamed on my end. Only once was it ever really on my end, when the county tree-trimmer cut the cable line.

-Note: Be warned and advised that this is a Brighthouse networks area; pretty much a monopoly with a monopolistic attitude. In the beginning customer service was great, but has continually deteriorated.

-First level techs are not knowledgeable and will never, ever admit to an outage problem. I suppose this is their way of trying to avoid issuing a credit. Often times they are borderline rude. They always blame your computer, so I say: reckon why all 5 of my computers went bad at the same time? Duh...then they hunt something else to blame on the customer.

Brighthouse has typical standard responses and if you use a router, they will always blame it for any and every problem, count on having to disconnect it and prove it's not the router. Then if you beg an escalation to level 2, count on long hold times and disconnects, phony sympathy and possibly repeating the entire process.

If the line is down, in-house service will never admit that. They merely schedule a 3-5 day later service call. When the tech finally shows up and you tell them that their problem line came back on after a few hours or days last week, you get to sign their service-call ticket anyway. Me thinks they do this to avoid issuing a credit. What a waste of time and money.

My latency has always been high for 9 years now. It used to run around 80-110 average (monitored). But for the past year the latency has been a steady ( 95 ) with frequent connection losses, but of course they say nothing is wrong...grrrrrr.

-Brighthouse "here" always lags the country in speed updates. The national Tlme Warner cap was published at 8000/512 in 2007. In 2012, I still get more like 6,000/384. My Tcp/ip stack receive window is tweaked at 75,920. Now there advertising 21mb for DL speeds, yeah right !! I'm still getting the same old 5 or 6.

- A free month for customer referral is BS, don't fall for it. Played that game twice and they developed amnesia, even after the installer recorded the referee's (my) name and address on the new subscribers signed ticket.

-IP is dynamic, but seems to re-license the same IP for about 3 month periods.

-These people can't even keep their billing straight. How could anyone suddenly screw-up "direct bill pay through the bank" that has existed for several months?? Only Brighthouse could manage that.

-This customer support service compares to the arrogance of AOL during it's glory days of dial-up.

-My only other choice here was satellite, but I understand that AT&T-DSL is available this year. Now that I possibly have an option, that arrogant customer service may push me into switching carriers.

-Update 2-6-13. Well, they finally increased the speed slightly to 8,000/1,000, but I understand they're increasing the price by 5%. Whoopy, diddle. Update 12-9-14, at least my monitored latency has improved from 95 to 65, if it stays that way.

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Security Is A Community Effort

Tampa, FL

1 recommendation

BrightHouse, A winner at what?

Constant issues with service delivery including TV, phone, and internet. Their ISP RoadRunner is severely lacking in area of customer respect, and knowledge. Service calls, too often used as a means of avoiding assisting customers, have excessive scheduling delays and most times result in nothing worthwhile until you get a service manager, and lead technician involved.

A few years back we were constantly being disconnected from service by Bright House. This occurred after our county 911 service reassigned street addresses in our neighborhood. 911 made a mistake and issued the same address to several different physical locations. We had 911 contact Bright House to explain the problem, via official E-Mail, and Bright House insisted that they would need their people to verify this information but made no valid attempt to get things moving. After contacting county commissioners, and local media, they changed their tune but continued to insisted on sending people out to verify what government had already told them -> "Addresses were initially assigned incorrectly". This took over 6 months, county commissioners, media involvement, and escalation to the V.P. of field service, to receive resolution. Not a single we are sorry for the interruptions was offered by Bright House.

As time marches on technology will catch up with this bunch and consumers will see more choices available. Choices which are as good and better than what Bright House and Road Runner offers. Many of Bright House services are currently outdated by competition and governments are beginning to re-visit the sole source agreements they have with this company that relies on its monopolistic existance to survive.

Bright House falls into the same classification as Bank of America in our household. A severely greed based company lacking in ethics. Like BOA, Bright House will also pay the piper, in one form or another!
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