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Review by Snowy See Profile

  • Location: Kailua,Honolulu,HI
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (month by month)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Oceanic Cable Vision is the local provider for TimeWarner, this provides a more local avenue for problem resolution"
Bad "Customer perks are available, but not apparent to most customers"
Overall "Hawaii Telcom has become the new DSL provider in my area & I assume they'll give RR a run for the money."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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·Clearwire Wireless
There's no question that in The State of Hawaii TWC (Oceanic Cable) is the go to ISP.
Their competitor's best speed is slower than TWC basic.
If you're not fast you're last.

Oceanic (TWC) finally has some competition in the Speed Dept.
hawaiiantel.com is offering:
Fiber 500
High-Speed Internet
Up to 500 Mbps download
Up to 50 Mbps upload
While TWC's fastest plan offers 100 Mbps/5 Mbps
Too bad the now faster speed is offered by hawaiiantel.com which IMO is plagued by incompetent service issues due to the unmotivated, under trained CSR's that don't give a shit about hawaiiantel.com & even less for it's customers.
If you enjoy over billing, extended outages, extremely long telephone hold times, missed service appointments then hawaiintel.com may be a good option to Oceanic.
hawaiiantel.com's 500Mbps/50Mbps is priced @ $345/month with the added value being the McAfee Internet Security Software it comes with

TWC's wifi hotspots are just an added bonus to an already good service package.

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I dunno

Looks like Hawaiian Tel is turning their service around while TWC is letting the trainwreck that is Comcast absorb it. I sense a slight bias in this review.

Kailua, HI
·Time Warner Cable
·Clearwire Wireless

Re: I dunno

said by ranchocal :

I sense a slight bias in this review.

I must have understated my total contempt for hawaiiantel.com.
An office move a few years back was planned to most miniscule detail for a seamless transition.
hawaiiantel.com took 2 weeks to move the phone lines which almost bankrupted me.
Considering the wiring was supposed to be completed a week prior to move in, not 2 weeks after the move, I am an acknowledged vocal opponent of hawaiiantel.com.

The CS support is humorous in retrospect.
Me: "You're 3 days late getting my phone service up & running - it's killing me - when will the service get installed?
Them: "You're service was installed last week - it must be the wiring within your office - we are not responsible for them once installed
Me: "That's the problem - no one has been here to install anything
Them: "Our records indicate otherwise..."
2 frigging weeks to convince them that their records were incorrect.