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Review by PCInTech See Profile

  • Location: Massena,Saint Lawrence,NY
  • Cost: $80 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Reliable, fast, trouble-free"
Bad "Support is difficult to get a hold of"
Overall "If you can afford it, this is the choice."
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My Other Reviews

Totally amazing. I was one of the first adopters in this franchise area several years ago and have never, EVER had a problem of any sort. I have several PCs online and two VOIP adapters. Speed keeps getting increased, no outages unless total power and all utilities in the area are out also, minor problems handled immediately. I do think their cable TV service is grossly overpriced and they tend to take away favorite channels from the lineup at will, but, this doesn't affect my regard for the Broadband Internet service. The best. Just simply the best, IMHO. I have many clients on the service and all are also happy. The only ones who aren't, are those who see ads for dialup services for $10.00 a month and think they're being grossly overcharged. They've also forgotten how unpredictable and SLOW dialup can be in our rural area. The only other Broadband service in the area is DSL from the local Telco, Verizon, and the speeds are DISMAL and tech support is non-existant. Their only advantage is that they're $10. cheaper a month. No thanks. I can't vouch for other RR franchises around the US, but, I can safely say that TW's NNY operation (based in Syracuse) is FIRST CLASS!

UPDATE 08-21-04 -- RR Premium became available in my area (6000/down, 512/up) and they advertised in the local paper. I called and tried to order for the advertised price (for "Cable TV Customers") of $69.95. They then informed me that because I only had a basic package of TV channels, that I didn't qualify for that discount, and it would be $89.95 for ME. Imagine that? Even the sales person and their manager said nowhere in their instructions did it state how MUCH cable TV you had to have to get the "discounted" price. However, when they tried to enter it in their system it refused to accept it. Many phone calls followed all the way up to the Franchise General Manager in Syracuse, and they're Hell-bent on not honoring their advertisements, and trying to get me to add an additional package of TV channels which I have no interest in. IF they had stated in their ads that a "minimum of x cable package is required for the lower price", or, "some restrictions apply", I would have no problem with that stipulation. But... they didn't. I still want the 6M speed, but I'll be damned if I'll pay $90./mo. for it. I'll stick w/ my 3M service in the meantime.

UPDATE 05-27-05 - The service continues to be stable and a good value. We've just had a speed increase on Standard RR service to 5M. Unfortunately, that's only downstream, as our upstream remains at a HORRIBLE 384k. The service would be perfect if only they'd increase that as well.

UPDATE 08-17-05 - Still no increase in upstream speeds, but the stability is exceptional. Works PERFECTLY with my 3 VoIP providers!

UPDATE 12-13-05 - Speeds are the same, no updates to the system, but also have only had one outage this year. Service is stable and reliable. Local competition from Verizon DSL has lowered their prices again and offering even a bargain $14.95/mo. tier to try to steal some thunder from TWRR, but about all that strategy has done, is get more people to abandon dialup.

UPDATE 02-18-06 - Aside from the 384k upstream, I have no complaints whatsoever. My local node is relatively uncrowded so my download speeds are consistently very close to the promised 5M. The upload speed usually tops out just under 300k, though, and presents problems with transferring files to my company FTP server. I do have part of my upstream dedicated to VoIP service, but would still like a little more headroom. VoIP service through VoicePulse works flawlessly on the system. If RR is available in your service area, I can't recommend them highly enough!

UPDATE 01-24-08 - Speeds are currently 10M downstream, 1M upstream. Price is still the same as the day I signed on. Not a bad deal. I should qualify that there is virtually NO competition for broadband in the area, except for Verizon DSL, but their speeds are just a shade better than dialup in this market. I'm still a happy camper with RoadRunner!

UPDATE 01/18/10: Speeds the same, price going up again, though. It's still reliable, but, if it gets anymore expensive, I'll have to consider leeching a neighbor's wireless.

UPDATE 08/08/2012: Keeps getting more expensive, upgraded to "Turbo" but not getting promised speeds, company unresponsive to complaints. But, there is no competition in my area, so I'm stuck with it.

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