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Review by mckenna797 See Profile

  • Location: Astoria,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $199 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Speed ,Reliability, multiroom dvr ,phone, wideband 50/5"
Bad "none"
Overall "Love it"
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We made the switch to road runner from Verizon Dsl due to the recent problems, poor customer support, email blocking

the installer was very good and called to see if he could come early and we said yes he was at our location 1 hour earlier he set up the wireless modem (ambit) for Road Runner and the Arris digital phone modem ( will be connected this Friday the 18th due to problems with verizon porting the telephone number to time warner)

in our living room with splitters, for the DTV Road Runner and digital phone all cable is in the living room there was slight signal problem and that afternoon a plant tech showed up to repair the problem our two computers our 50 and 75 ft from the wireless modem, the wireless adapters are usb at the Computers, our excellent both pc show excellent recive and 11mbps on bootup and the lowest i,ve seen was 2mbps when we are downloading on both pc so far everything is working great
here is a speed test using the wireless
Verizon speed test Site
Connection Types
Your Speed in
KBits/Sec KBytes/Sec
Ethernet 10M
& UP
2M 3413Kbits 426.6KBytes

Download Size: [500]KBytes
Downloaded in: [1.172]Seconds

Speak easy site
2005-03-14 06:21:27 EST: 3343 / 349
Your download speed : 3423388 bps, or 3343 kbps.
A 417.8 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 358230 bps, or 349 kbps.

March 18th
as promised the digital phone was connected today , we did to keep the number we had with verizon, the installers swithched one jack to a double jack one for the telephone modem and one is for the phone at the modem, they installed a three way spliter one leg to the telephone modem ,one to the wireless modem for road runner and one to the catv box, and they left one phone wall mount connected to the building telephone wireing for our building intercom system, sound quality is great infact had to turn the volume down on one phone , call id is working correctly all in all a good experiance whould recommend to friends and family almost forgot the internet speed is uneffected one on the phone
Oct 4,2005
not much to change in the review, things are still going great, had to call tech support to get my wifes new Dell 5100 connected to our wireless road runner, tech came out set it up for her and was very pleasent and knew his stuff, while he was here he also tweaked my pc a Emachine 3265 also a wireless connection and works like a charm, all in all still very happy with Road Runner

Feb 26th 2006
I just got a new Dell for Myself , Just plugged in the Wireless Linksys 802.11g adapter and road runner was up and running i also have the provided usb adapter on the old emachine and still works great ,as a side note my wireless speed have been preatty constant 4800kbps and recently exceeded 5000 + kbps.is Road runner getting ready to roll out a New Speed Upgrade looking at the almost daily routine maintance listed on the support web site

Sept 18th 2006

Time warner has unofficially upgraded my speed to 7000 down/512 up
and I have had these speeds for a couple of weeks now, my wifes pc with the wireless g usb 2.0 adapter connecting to the Ambit wireless Modem is getting speeds of 6700+ as are my Dell and the old Emachine through the Linksys befw11s4 we have left over from our Verizon Dsl Days connected to the Ambit via ethernet cable 100ft run all and all we are still very happy with Time Warner here in Western Queens

December 1 2006
Well Its time for a update
TW upped our internet speed via road Runner to 10/512 last week we have switched to a belkin Wired router and all is great speed tests are at or near the new speeds

Feb 8th
Well it is time to update my review of Road Runner and Digital Phone, and sadto say things have degraded, Since December 2006, we have had lots of intermittant drop outs of Phone and Road Runner When its windy and techs say there is no problems or loose connections, And every Night we Have the peak time slow downs

May 21 2007
Well we just got and HD tv so went to TW queens center office and turned in the sa digital box we had for the sa HD-DVR box , got it home and hooked it up,
Self install came withe component video cable and rf cable No HDMI or Composite cables the dvr was new,) picked up hdmi cable really easy setup and the picture quality on sd and hd is what can i Say WOW excellent could not ask for more, still have all the other services and still am very satisfied also the road runner upgrade to 10/512 was a plus and have had no problems since Feburary when the upgrades were a work in progress

Mar 21
The site asked for an update ,
preatty much things have been stable with RR, we had some problems withlost connection and speed all over the place , we switched to a new router as the belkin router turned out to be the cause of the problems . we now have a D-Link DLG-4100 Gigabit router had it two weeks and no lost connections speeds are always in the range of 8500-10000, the lowest i have seen is 7500+,

the site asked for an update
everything is still good now have powerboost and it works as advertised,

We Had signature home Installed yesterday. Installers 2 were great new their stuff
they replaced all the cable in the house installed the 2 cisco 8642hdc dvr's the surfboard 6580 wideband modem and connected it to my dlink dir-825 router, we still have are arris modem for phone every thing works fine all speed tests are at 50/5 ,] multi room dvr is working great Installer explained everything and set up modem so i have acsess to all the info and config pages they also left a lot of info pamphlets »www.speedtest.net/result/1655116 ··· 6258.png

We have had signature home since 12 16 2011 still working great 50/5 wideband is great no slow downs or disconnects during prime time speeds are always at 50/5

time for an update
Still with Signature Home things are still working fine, TWC replaced the line coming into the Apartment(squrriels ate it, , we asked the tech if we could get a combo Modem and he went to his truck and gave us the Arris TG862G. things are working fine and we just got a speed increase

the site has asked me to update my review.
the only things that have changed are our internet speed increased to 100mbps down but I get about 113 down
and we added an hdhomerun prime so got a cable card and tuning adaptor an works great

got the Max upgrade down speed is between 320 and 325 mbps, up is 20 to 25 mbps , We replaced the Arris TG862g with the Arris TG1672g

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