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Review by btbrossard See Profile

  • Location: Burlington,Racine,WI
  • Cost: $53 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Stable connection, Good speed"
Bad "Wait for install appointment"
Overall "Decent value, stable connection."
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Value for money:
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UPDATE - The speeds available in our neighborhood have increased to the 50/5 plan. I upgraded to 30/5 for $10 more a month. Was more interested in the increased upload than the download speed, so for us the 50/5 plan isn't really worth it right now (it's $30 more a month than the 20/2 we had before).

We switched back to Time Warner Cable in June of 2012 after several years with at&t dsl.

The price and speed offered by at&t made switching back to TWC an easy choice. We were paying about $90/month for 6 mbps service and local phone from at&t. TWC has a cable/phone/internet bundle for about $130/month.

The maximum speed available in my neighborhood is 20/2 (Turbo). Speedtests show that we are getting the advertised speeds at all hours of the day.

The Turbo internet package required renting a modem from TWC. The supplied equipment was an Arris TG862G. The modem features four gigabit ethernet ports, built in wifi, USB, and support for two phone lines.

We are using the modem in bridge mode to enable us to use our Airport Extreme base station. Bridge mode setup was easy and I was able to make the change myself using the modem GUI.

Install went as well as could be expected with the only problem being the relatively long wait between order and install (about 9 days).

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