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Review by dipswich See Profile

  • Location: Raleigh,Wake,NC
  • Cost: $66 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Consistently achieves rated speeds, knowledgeable tech support"
Bad "Been having inconsistent service as of late"
Overall "A good, reliable broadband option."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I previously had a Business Class connection, but I've updated this review for a switch back to the consumer service.

I've had Road Runner dating back to its beta in the Raleigh, NC area. Except for a brief jump to AT&T U-verse to save money and get the upload I was looking for, before the Docsis 3.0 plans were available here, I've had a Road Runner connection. I decided to look back into Road Runner when AT&T announced their usage tiers.

Granted that it had been a business class connection for many of the years I've been a Time Warner customer, I've been satisfied with the service from both the consumer and business class service offerings the entire time. Sometimes I wish Time Warner was quicker with network upgrades. Often, I wish the price was a little less. Overall, though, service hits it advertised speeds and is reliable.

Time Warner seems to operate well in this area. I've not experienced node congestion problems. Since I've re-subscribed on Extreme 30/5 plan in April, 2011, I've had zero problems. Latency is certainly better with the cable modem vs. U-verse.

Sales was a pleasant experience. As Extreme was becoming available in the area, I chatted online with a rep. As the service level I wanted wasn't yet available at my address, the rep took my info. I received a status-update telephone call about two months later, and another call a couple of weeks after that letting me know that service was available. A+ for keeping in touch and following through.

The install was easy and on-time as scheduled. The tech came in, checked signal levels, and installed the cable modem. We ran speed tests, and confirmed everything worked as it should. The tech was genuinely interested in making sure I was up and running. The tech did not know how to disable the wireless on the modem, but I had already done the research and was able to do it.

The installed cable modem is the Ubee DDW3611. It does the job, so I can't complain.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the service I've received from Time Warner. Hopefully they'll stay away from the caps, too.

11/17/2012 update:
I'm currently putting TWC in the penalty box for raising prices with 10 days and no notice, respectively. I've disconnected for a while and will rely on the 10/1.5 WiMax that I've been carrying anyway.

The $4/mo "modem rental" fee, while it could be legitimate, is implemented with policies that shout that it's a calculated revenue grab. 10 days notice is not enough and about 35 days less than expected from a customer-centric company.

A simultaneous change is breaking out tax as a separate line item. With no notice, this must also be a cash grab.

7/29/2013 update:
Lowering some reliability and tech support scores. Ever since I complained that my Zoom 5341J was dropping like clockwork every 2.5 days, I'm getting daily internet dropouts. A tech had come out to center signal levels (were borderline low, technically out of where they should be), but since then I seem to get a lot of temporary "page not founds" while web browsing and a few total connectivity losses that have ended up with me rebooting the cable modem to get back online.

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