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Six Month Rating

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Review by BOGBS See Profile

  • Location: Saco,York,ME
  • Cost: $76 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Great speed, extremely reliable"
Bad "None at this point"
Overall "Great service reliability. Turbo tier is great, when it delivers as promised"
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It seems as if my speed reduction issues have cleared. I've run a few speed tests during the normally affected hours, and now get above 10 Mbps (with the short powerboost)/500Kbps. I hope it'll keep for a while again.


I've had some speed fluctuation issues at night recently, and had an appointment where the tech didn't find anything, but replaced a splitter/put an upstream attenuator on. It didn't help much, so I'll probably have to get another dispatch again, hoping to have them catch the issue in action. I did notice that the subnet of my IP address just changed today, so I'll be curious to see how this week goes speed wise. What happens is that the speed slows down to anywhere between 1.8 - 8 Mbps in the afternoon, through most of the evening (Even on the in network New England Server at »speedtest.nyroc.rr.com/). I'd be happy with above 5 Mbps and decent latency, considering it's "up to 10". Service has been stable, but the night slowdowns have been really annoying, as latency increases and web browsing slows down. Updated price includes Digital Cable w/Showtime and Standard Road Runner, taxes, and fees.


TWC NE recently (for a couple of months) seems to have upgraded the standard speed in my area to 10/512.


After a few weeks, the Turbo tier became more disappointing. I often got less than 6 Mbps down, and started to rarely hit 9+. I downgraded back to standard service, as I don't upload much anymore. Turbo was great when I first got it, but it went downhill, at least in my area. Reliability is still unrivaled at this point.


Just upgraded my service level to Turbo for only 9.95 more a month. I called in, and all I had to do was power cycle my modem. This got me 10/1 service, as opposed to my 5/384 before. So far, so good. A reasonable price made me change my mind about the next tier up. I guess 8/512 users (at least around my area) got the same upgrade, all that's needed is a power cycle. I'm just happy that even though there's no real competition around here, TWCNE finally decided to launch a reasonably priced second tier. Note, there is DSL competition, if you're close to the telco CO, that is. I thought 84.95 for 8/512 was a joke, and it's great the Time Warner New England finally realized that one.


Still having rock solid service, and have had no issues with service since initial review. The only issues that I have had were with my own equipment, and not Time Warner's. The only complaint I still have is the mediocre upload speed. I'm hoping those 7mbps upgrades do go nationwide soon, if they ever will.

Original Review:

I've had RoadRunner ever since I've been here, but decided to try the DSL for kicks. (I'm 21-22kft away from the CO) I'm never going for that again. For the 8+ months I've had RoadRunner in this location, I can't recall any outages that I've noticed in service. I'm lucky in that respect most likely, but I can't say enough about the stability of service. I've not had any noticeable speed fluctuations during certain times of day. It's always been around 4.5Mbps/384Kbps.

It'd be nice to have more upload speed standard, but I could always get some more by paying more, of course. The service works very well. I currently have a Vonage router, and wireless router attached as well. It's great to have the reliable RoadRunner service, as that means my phone rarely has problems, and when it does, it's Vonage's fault mostly.

I'd recommend RoadRunner cable internet to any of my friends/family. I won't comment on Digital Phone, but I've had nothing but great experience with the Internet portion of service..

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