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Review by Warmachine99 See Profile

  • Location: Pleasant Prairie,Kenosha,WI
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "On new service request, got a DOCSIS 3 modem"
Bad "$35 for 1.7 Down and .987 up. Too much $ for not much speed."
Overall "Not worth it, but the only choice I have."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 9/16/13: Internet speeds download speeds are now double what I had at the start, but still no change in the upload. My DOCSIS 3 modem shows 4 channels, but a HUGE number of uncorrectables. All 4 channels are over 200,000 uncorrectables in less than 24 hours after a reboot. A call to TWC tech support received no help, as they say it has to be the splitters in my house causing the issue. I told them that there is only 1 splitter, which is a power amplifier that they provided. They say that there has to be more splitters in the walls that I don't know about, and that I would have to pay $150 for a tech to visit. They can take that and stick it. If I could switch to ANY other provider I would. But there is none in the area, and TWC knows it.

Update 7/29/13: Had to go back to TWC, as my neighbor whose Wi-Fi I was paying to share, moved. Again, there are no other alternatives here. No AT&T, no Comcast, no nothing. I got the "basic internet package" which gives me 1.7 down and .987 up. Better than nothing but still too expensive at $35 a month. At least I got a DOCSIS 3 modem, so I wont have to deal with any switch over in the future. Not using the TV service or the phone service as they would require me to spend more $$$ and I just don't have it anymore.

Update 4/7/2011: Have now dropped TWC altogether. Between the quarterly price increaces, and the lack of any improvements for that money, I am dropping them like a hot potato. I just cant afford them anymore. $130 for basic cable and lite internet? No thanks!!

Still no issues with internet service. DVR issues, however are plentiful. Im on my 14th DVR box in just under 2 years. The boxes loose signal, which they tried to blame on my building wiring being too old. My building is just over 4 years old. I call them on my VoIP line (using the rock solid internet!!) and they tell me that my wiring has to be bad because they can not see my DVR. I tell them that my VoIP is going out on the same wiring, and they then decide that I have (Yet again!!) a bad DVR. Thier field techs are awesome, and confirmed that the problem is not in my wiring.

Update 5/20/08:

Speeds remain constant, right at the upper end of the promised speed, no matter what time of day or where I test to. Latency is good, and I have not seen any hint of packet shaping or throtteling.

Update 11/25/07:

Speed update arrived, no real upgrade for upload. Rock solid performance, with very little down time.

Update 1/24/07:

Still no speed upgrade, but everything is working good!!

Original review:

Was moving into a new construction townhome. Called 4 days before move in day to set up install. Everything was fast and painless for the original setup. The day before install, I received a automated phone call letting me know that my install was sheduled between 1:30 and 4:30.

Day of, received a call reminding me of my install, and at 3PM, the installer arrived. As my townhouse was pre-wired for cable service, all he had to do was hook in the boxes. In and out, 15 minutes. Very professional installer. He asked where we were planning on putting our TV and made sure the cable was long enough to make it to either of the 2 places we were considering.

Internet was working immediately, and the speeds are well within the range promised me. Supposed to be getting 5Mbps/386, and according to the Road Runner speed test site, I am getting those speeds. Using BBR tests, I get between 1.9 and 2.8Mbps during peak times, and was close to 4.5Mbps at 3AM.

I had some problems originally with the router needing to be power cycled in order for the modem to synch properly, and a call to customer service informed me that for the first day or 2, this was normal, and after those 2 days, I have not had to power cycle at all.

Since then, the speed has been consistant and the service uninterrupted. When I called into Customer service, they said that our are was going to be getting a speed update sometime before the end of Summer. We'll see.

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