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Review by Snakeoil See Profile

  • Location: Mentor,Lake,OH
  • Cost: $46 per month
Good "Can use your own modem"
Bad "Paying 46 bucks a month for 2MBs service. What a rip."
Overall "Same taste as the other services. Go without internet or use dail up if you can."
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Since my 1st computer, I have had a few ISPs.
Between the two cabel ISPs I have used, I have not noticed any difference.
I used to have Aldelphia, but they went under.
There was no install, I think my speed is the middle teir one, what ever that is..
Only complaint is the same with Aldelphia. They both limit amount of Newsgroups downloads. Bellsouth fast access DSL was unlimited.
Added 11/12/2009

Service is still good, how ever. The how ever being last year the line fell off the house [I guess the wind pulled the blot outta the wall]. The tech that reinstalled it, pulled the siding away from the house and exposed the wall underneath to the weather. I have been a tad slow in getting in touch with TW about this issue. Not sure if they would even look at it.

Other then that the service has been good. I had to change out a cable modem, but that was easy.
Updated 01/28/2012:
I looked at my cable bill just to refresh my memory of what we pay. I about "fainted" when I saw we were paying 46 bucks a month for Time Warners 2MB service. I about puked, when I saw the price for what it would cost to go up to 5MBs. The internet providers must like eating high off the hog, but this pig is getting to expensive.

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