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Review by sivran See Profile

  • Location: Arlington,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "Download speed increases"
Bad "Unreliable, plus upload speed still sucks."
Overall "I don't like it, but my phone wiring sucks so DSL would be worse."
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Quick Ref-
Speed Package: 10000/500 (lowest tier)
Actual Speed: ~8000/400
IP Addressing: Dynamic, Semi-static

Wow it's been nearly 5 years already since the transition. Since last update, long duration outages have been rare, though brief drops have become common. My speed has been bumped up to 10000/512, and even though it's not listed for my tier, I seem to have powerboost, which briefly doubles download speed.

A little over a year and a half after the switchover from Comcast now and the service is decent. Packet loss issues crop up now and then. I no longer use their webmail so that's become a non-issue for me. Mainly I want higher upstream bandwidth.
Currently using RR-supplied (no rental fee, so why not) Motorola SB5100. I have a Toshiba PCX2600 as an alternate for t/s purposes, MAC address is on file with them so it's a quick phone call to swap it.

The switchover from Comcast completed a few weeks ago in my area, and since then I've run into several brief routing issues with Roadrunner and the occasional loss of sync. Comcast was much more stable, after I finally had them fix my drop (and even before then, until the cable jacket deteriorated too much).

One thing which may be unimportant to some, but has recently become more important to me -- Roadrunner's webmail sucks compared to Comcast's. It's clumsy and the UI is lacking. I use Pegasus mail at home (even pull my gmail to it) but for some of my subaccounts, I usually just use the webmail.

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