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Six Month Rating

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Review by alexintexas See Profile

  • Location: San Antonio,Bexar,TX
  • Cost: $46 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Nothing good here"
Bad "issues on line = heartache, BAD BAD repair tech, billing department is horrid when errors are on bills"
Overall "good value for services offered, WHEN it works. have patience when speaking with billing reps, they will work with you"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Its been awhile! Well have since dumped tv/phone part and lowered my tier to 15/1.

gone netflix/amazon prime/ota for tv nice to save around $100 a month

Services had improved drastically after the advanced team worked out other issues however modem is once again showing there are again issues on the line with vast t3/t4 timeouts, thankfully with 4x4 bonding im not seeing modem going into power cycle hell as before on 4x1 bonding.

very disappointed my area is not one of the first to see Maxx upgrades, but more disappointed with line issues once again. waiting for 16x4 bonding before i buy my modem to dump the current monthly insane modem rental fee


After another 2 advanced tech team visits still have issues with internet,,advanced team is an excellent group! however can not isolate problem/issues on my line.


huge thank you to TWC direct guys here on DSLR! a bigger thanks to "TWCablePaulS" for putting me directly in touch with "Joe" in SATX, i think and do hope the signal issues have been isolated and they are working the issues, Just shouldnt have taken 5 years to get here!!

will update tech support/review as repairs/stability issues are repaired

update 1/23/13

well still having signal issues on the line makes internet a none pleasurable experience.

update 12/30/11

currently have twc 30/5 plan.
connection reliability the worst, there is a somewhat known electrical problem in the home that any cable modem hates. have not been able to isolate this issue whatsoever, tho cable modem consistantly lets me know its there with ease.
techs are consistant its on my end tho electricians fail to even find or even isolate said issue, electricians resolve is complete rewire of home. NOT possible due to costs.

connection uptime 50 percent not good, ping timeout, page load errors. modem shows good levels at all times but huge amount of corrections and t3 and t4 errors

ubee modems/gateways are utter uter uter garbage.

not at all happy with this service

-What speed did you order, at what monthly price?,: Have had cable/roadrunner for about 4 year currently @ the time i switched back from DSL i signed up on road runner premium @ 29.99 for six months speed then 8/512 now 10/1

How was the order/install process?,: excellent went and picked up the modem same day and service was up.

What was the home equipment?, arris voip/cable modem.

-Static IP, dynamic IP, or PPPoE?, dynamic

Other bad/good experiences?: the good, well it works when i need it to work unlike the other competitor here, more value for money, overall better tech support then the competitor

the bad, billing department is a pain, some bad support staff, when i first got my services connected on hsi service they screwed up the whole order and the rate of 29.99 was not entered into the sytem, it took 4 months to finaly get the correct price set, and to issue correct credits, where order was entered wrong. among other over billing issues. overall have patience when speaking to billing reps they do there best to resolve issues, in my market anyway, not so with compition

UPDATE 12/31/07

Service for the most part rock solid, in the past 2 months there have been several short lived outages, seems TWC has been upgrading things to prepare for something to be released here in this market, more HD?, Switched video?, who knows at least its only a few min. at a time and at very late night hours.
Getting ready for a move within 2 weeks and debating transfer of current services or sign up for a whole new package, will update when this happens, TWC has some good offers out right now we shall see.

UPDATE 2/1/08

Got an excellent deal to have services moved
1. one hd-dvr box with dvr subscription, one regular hd-box
a. digi-pic 1000, got the hd service with this part of the package
c. free showtime and movie channel free for a year
2. digital phone unlimited
3. roadrunner standard, upgraded to turbo for 9.95 more a month
im now paying about $3 a month less prior to what i had, didnt have the boxes or digi cable, so this was a deal saving about 45 a month. total monthly is $149. and change. was paying $152.

installition date was pushed back due to an huge order screw up.
For whatever reason someone placed an order "using my new address" for service and was scedualed for install at the time i was getting this deal thus pushing back install for a week. so a total of two weeks for install time :/

1 3rd party installer came out and re-wired the whole home, and new drop, showed up on time
4- outlets 3 for tv 1 for digiphone/internet
2 outlets for phone
this took a good 3 hours of installers time

got everything going explained a little of the new hd-dvr box, as he himself said it was the first one of its kind he had seen, the sa 84 and was on his way
next day comes and internet/phone goes out,,,,yay!!!!!

call up twc customer service they scedule a tech for 6 days later. so no phone/internet in this time period

a TWC tech shows up and time, he is taking readings climbs up the poll, taking more readings, comes down and plugs the arris box back up and we have service
he goes on to explain there is a grounding issue somewhere and this is why service is being knocked out to the arris box, he said techn. he should shut services off untill this grounding issue is resolved, he further explains he would not do so and said to undo the cable wire for a few seconds when this occurs, sure enough to this day we have to do this near every day. we had an electrician come and put a new grounding rod, "there was not one before", but has not solved our grounding issues :/// we are looking to re-wire the whole home soon, not a cheap fix and well dont want to spend major $$$ if we are going to re-wire soon.

at anyrate service has been again solid phone/internet the hddvr and the other dvr are something to be desired i must say


wow time sure does go.

new speeds now of 15/2 with powerboost of upto 24mbps nice.
had outside breaker panel replaced and that solved internet/phone going out for all of about 5 months or so, tho the disconnects only happen maybe once a week currently. it is still due to a power issue in the home :////// and not a cheap fix.

anyway, the hd-dvr box is ok, clunky os/recording but works
the pace HD box royaly sucks, locks up takes forever to reboot. good thing i dont watch much TV. other then the occasonal blip with internet service has been rock solid with only one outage

update 7-2-09

time does go, but where?

the cable side, i have downgraded to the cheapest cable channels 2-14 and downgraded my internet as well to the 3mb speeds, money is tight right now.
i actually dont find any use paying $60 a month in cable when what i do watch i watch it via the internet when i want, HD compression here seems to have gotten very bad here, to much boxing and pixilation to say hay i got "HD" internet is rock solid tho

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