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Review by Dominokat See Profile

  • Location: Boothbay,Lincoln,ME
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Steady speeds"
Bad "None"
Overall "It took over Adelphia so....."
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Time Warner took over my area from Adelphia
My Adelphia reviews----- »Review of Adelphia HSI by Dominokat
It was not a smooth transition.
The night of transition, I lost connection and it was off for 2 days. When it came back my speeds dropped horribly in the evening. Page transitions sucked and it looked like I might not get it fixed.
Thankfully a dedicated tech helped to track the problem and helped to get things right. Now my speeds are rock steady no matter the time of day. Just as it was with Adelphia.
At first I thought it was going to suck being moved to Time Warner. But now the bugs are out of the system and I am allot happier.
--------Update 10/01/07
Since the first "glitch" I wrote about during the transition. Time Warner service has been stable and very reliable. There have been very very few outages for any reason. My TV has been stable, and my internet to, including the speeds.
So, I have to report. I am very very happy with Time Warner.

Update: 10/21/2007
There isn't much to update. I still have TW cable after it took over Adelphia in my area. As I reported before, I am VERY happy with the service. It continues to add services, (Such as digital phone) and some HD channels since Adelphia.
Customer Support is great and I am happy with TWs service.

Update: 4/26.2008

I was aksed to update my review so here I am.
Time Warner now also offers digital phone, but I don't use that service here. It seems like they are keeping up with maintance and problems and offering newer services.
I am still happy with the service.
I can't say anything about customer service as I havne't had to use it much. The couple times I have, was to make changes and it went smooth.

Update 10/28/2008

Once again. BBR wants me to review my ISP.
I can't say anything bad about it. It gives constant speeds, and customer service has always treated me well. No long waits and prompt service.

Update 4/30/2009

"System" requested an updated review from me. So here is, though there isn't anything to report.

Service is rock steady. Not much down time to speak of. The very few I've had, lasted minutes, to a couple hours at most.
Speeds... I have the "turbo" plan (15dn/1up) and that too is very steady.
The few times I've called support was for TV reasons. That is a little flakey at times (especially the HD channels) , and I am very disappointed about the HD channel offerings. By now I would thing we would have more then we do...
Update 12/4/1010

It seems it has been awhile since I updated my review. I've been ignoring this sights request for me to update, but there isn't much to update about. But I am gong to today to keep the nag away!
My connection is always stable, very few down times. And if there are any, it is very short lived. Even after major storms knocking out power, my UPS kicks on with the modem and internet still going. (At least until the battery goes dead!)

I do think the pricing is high, but I don't care. It is this, or back to DirecWay (Now HughesNet) and I am not going there again! That said, This last month I've seen my phone company running new wires on my street. I asked what it was about, and they said it was so they can deliver DSL..... As I am literally across the street from the (whatever they call that box) I am told I can expect "very fast speeds" if I switch.
I don't know when they expect to go online with this, but I will keep a watchful eye and see about it when it does.

Edit 8/2012

"System" want me to review Road Runner, again. But there isn't much to add other then what has already been said.
Time Warner is a stable and reliable service. I don't have TV with them any more (TOO EXPENSIVE) so I have Internet and Phone only.
Time Warner has upgraded to Docsis 3, and as a result, my 20/2 speeds are rock steady. Most of the time I get much faster then the provisioned rate thanks to "turbo boost"
edit 3/2013

Time Warner is pretty much my only option. However, Fairpoint upgraded the "box" at the end of my driveway for DSL. Because it is so close, I can get their best speed, 15/1. However, I'd also have to get a phone line with it, so it become cost prohibitive. I am enjoying flawless service from Time Warner with their 30/5 service. I never have a problem with speeds and rarely have any down time. I like the service but the cost... no so much. I dropped TV service because it got too expensive.

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