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Review by CajunTek See Profile

  • Location: Arlington,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $110 per month
Good "Better CSRs"
Bad "Still No USENET!!!"
Overall "Worth the money I pay"
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I am a transferee in the Comcast/Adelphia/TimeWaner deal. In north Texas we went from Comcast to RoadRunner for Internet. So I don't really have any install stories, but the conversion went fairly smooth. There were a few glitches in forwarded email, but those got straightened out fairly quickly.

I am sure I'll add to this as time goes on. Right now, this is all I have to say

In February I dumped Cable TV (dumped TV entirely for the time being). Now I have wideband (50/5). At first it was a bit problematic as The first modem I got turned out to be defective. TW came out and replaced it. My connection has since been rock solid. To be honest I couldn't be happier... well unless of course it was cheaper!!!

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