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Review by hhawkman See Profile

  • Location: Port Hueneme,Ventura,CA
  • Cost: $63 per month
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Bad "Takes a note from god to get things fixed"
Overall "Since the issues described in my review, no problems"
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It Works, but not always well. I had better service before the takeover from Adelphia. Not complaining, but the bullsh*t advertising, and the ever changing costs, are annoying. They have no clue how to run a network, OR a cable company. How they, (or anyone else for that matter) consider a "local" rolling text channel as a "channel" is beyond me. I have the absolute minimum Cable TV service. I get maybe 5 or 6 watchable channels (out of 30). The rest are "Rolling Text", or "Second Language" channels. Keep that in mind when ordering ANY service from ANY provider. They Lie, then they Lie about Lying. To get any "tier" of ANY watchable channels, you have to embrace the idea that 70% of them are going to be crap and a waste of video bandwidth. Last time I subscribed to any provider with "hundreds" of digital channels. I set up "favorites" and counted the end result. Out of 150 channels, I had "maybe" 30 that I would ever "channel surf" through.

BTW the term "Free HD" is a lie.

Now let's talk about speeds on the internet. They provide me with my what they promised, 6-8 mbps download. Problem is that it's only between midnight and around 9:00 AM during the week. At around noon, it's around 5-6 mbps, and after 2:00 pm it just goes downhill. By 6:00 PM, I have around a 1kbps download and my upload never changes. (768-900 kbps). I have contacted Tech support, jumped through the "disconnect your router, and provide pings/tracerts" and rebooted everything more time than I can count. A week ago they said they escalated the problem to a network specialist that would get back to within 48 hours. that was a week ago, I remind you. When I sent an email to them today, They responded that they were sorry, but the ticket was created YESTERDAY. Apparantly they didn't scroll down far enough in the thread to see that it was last week. Just another runaround. Hey, Maybe they should change the name of their service to RoadRunaround.

I never had this problem when I had Adelphia.

Update 3/2008:

They finally fixed My internet connection, I now get close to 10 bps consistently.

All it took was ganging up on the office of the president with emails, etc. by a bunch of us. It too them 6 months to fix the problem, but they DID seem to fix it. TV is still crap, but I don't watch it much.

Update 9/2011

Getting HD TV now. No issues, though the whole "free HD" is a blatent lie (I know I said that earlier, but it still pisses me off they still advertise it). You can get Local CBS/NBC/ABC/FOX without getting a digital box and digital Service. You still have to play the "tiers" game to get all the HD. You also have to scan the whole HD range occasionally as they add/remove channels without notice.

Internet is pretty stable, except when it does go down, which it has twice in the last 2 months. First time I lost both Internet and TV. Last time was just internet. Both times calling to report the outage was horrendious. First they make you go through the reboot cycle of everything, even though I told them I wasn't even getting an analog TV signal. They denied there was an outage, and scheduled a truck Roll for a week later (earliest time). I hung up in disgust. 45 mins later it all came back on. Pretty much the same story with the 2nd outage.

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