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Review by Lowtarget See Profile

  • Location: Alger,Hardin,OH
  • Cost: $54 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Extreme next day install"
Bad "Tech lacked correct modem"
Overall "Very Fast!"
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Update May31, 2012
It's been 1 year now since we had extreme broadband installed. The connection been very stable and never had a issue with it as of yet.

On May 30. 2011 Called TWC to order the Extreme broadband which is 30/5. They was able to set it up for next day install which was fine. Today May 31, 2011 the tech showed up on time.

But the tech lacked the correct modem for the extreme broadband. Guess he never looked at the work order sheet. So the tech had to call around in order to find the modem I needed. So the tech had to leave to meet another tech to get a modem off him. Once he got back he brought a SB6580 cable modem.

Since I all ready own a E3000 wireless router I want to use. I asked him to place the SB6580 in bridge mode. So I could use my wireless router like I wanted too. It took the tech like 3 phone calls to figure out the modem. Overall took the tech all most 30 mins to set the SB6580 in bridge mode.

Once it was all done and working. The speed is very sweet and I love it.

Small Note: I think tech's needs more training on Extreme & Wideband.

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Corpus Christi, TX


If the D3 service is new in your area it could be the fact that the service techs just dont know to bring the correct modem. When I ordered extreme last year (still coded for 20/2) I made sure to tell TWCdude to put on the work order for them to bring a DOCSIS 3 modem because the first time around they didnt know and then I found out that the first time I they came out that there wasn't any of the modems even in the area yet.
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Alger, OH

Re: Modems

At the time I placed the order for extreme broadband. We all ready had Turbo broadband service running. So the service rep that took our order knew we needed a D3 modem.

You would figure that info would had been on the work order. But the tech showed up with nothing at all. He acted like he did not know why he for. I had to tell him we upgraded to extreme and we needed a D3 modem installed to replace the old one.

Then it said he did not have any with him in the truck. So he had to call around to the other techs in the area to find one. Lucky he found a tech that had one that was like 20 miles away. So he went and meet the tech to get the modem from him.