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Review by elray See Profile

  • Location: Santa Monica,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $15 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Cheap, reliable, sufficient for our needs. 2M/1M Lite Pkg enough for GV, Netflix SD"
Bad "Inept customer service"
Overall "No complaints. It just works."
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My Other Reviews

We ordered TW Roadrunner 1.5 when our DSL went out of service for a week - the phone company (Verizon-GTE) was incapable of undoing the damage they caused internally to our vintage Frame-Relay hookup - so we had to convince them to build a new circuit from scratch.

TW installer showed up 2 days after we placed the order. He had to borrow my ladder, extension cord, and I had to fish the cables for him as he routed them about the building.
Since I ordered only cable-internet, no TV, he took the time to scold me and tell me "I installed a filter" (so I can't hook up a TV.)

As usual, they expect to hook up your Windows system raw to their internet - so I had prepared a disposable system for the occasion. It was attacked in 3 minutes.

The tiny black cable modem generates way too much heat, and throughput is not consistent, slowing to a crawl at times, though not often enough to warrant pulling the service. Since it is cheap enough ($34.95/mo total), we actually are keeping both DSL and cable modem, in hopes that one of them will be working when the other goes out.
(I know that sounds cynical, but our experience bears it out.)

I'm hoping to get a better price than $34.95 - there was a $19.95 package, but I haven't yet figured how to get them to commit to it.

Mar 2008 Update: service is more reliable, but speed drops to 650Kb often. Not sure if they're throttling or saturated - resetting modem doesn't change anything. Otherwise no complaints. Still would prefer cheaper price, but in Verizon/GTE area it seems we've always had to pay a bit more.

November 2009: We downgraded to Roadrunner Lite (768K) some months back, to save a few bucks (now $26.95). Service is decent, except when it goes out every 4 months, we have to spend an hour on the phone to get to Level III tech support, for them to re-sync their access server. Levels I & II can't do it, but are glad to insist we need to swap out the modem or schedule a truck roll and spend a day at home waiting for them.

February 2010: after rate increase to $28.95 for 768K, we are offered 10M/512 for $34.95, or 1.5M/384 for $24.95 with 1-year price lock. We chose the latter, of course. Had to speak with an offshored Level II tech to get it working, but it took only minutes. Satisfaction with Time Warner continues to improve slowly.

November 2010: Continue to experience multiple outages without any resolve.
TWC offers 10M/768 for $29.99 with one-year price lock - we accept, thinking we'll be getting a Netflix-enabled monitor to replace our dead TV.

2011-2013: Satisfactory, bullet-proof service at $30/month for 10/1 and 15/1. November 2012, purchased used cable modem SB5101 for $22 to offset stupid rental fee, installed without a hitch. Mid-2013, switched to earthlink resale of tw cable after $30 rate expired for good. Switch to EL cumbersome (an hours worth of phone calls) but service works fine.

January 2014: After six months diversion to Earthlink, we're back on TWC, on the 2M/1M Lite service package, for $14.99 a month. Converting back was a bureaucratic nightmare, one hour and 15 minutes of phone calls to get it done right, but again, the service works flawlessly and its dirt cheap.

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We have the same 2/1 service on the east coast. We've had two streams running on Netflix, or one Netflix stream and Facetime running simultaneously. I was surprised how well it works.