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Review by poolek See Profile

  • Location: Austin,Travis,TX
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Faster than DSL, local tech support"
Bad "Recurring disconnects made the service unusable."
Overall "Works great when it works, but they were unable to address an issue."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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***11-20-2012 Update**

I started having issues with TWC service starting around July this year. The service had worked perfectly up til then, but after a series of electrical storms, I started having random disconnects. TWC was responsive - they came out and replaced the line to the house, the modem, checked line quality, etc. This would improve things for a while, but the disconnects would always come back. It ended up being unusable. When it was bad, I'd see more than 35 disconnects per day. These would cause the modem to reboot, which would impact television viewing as well - as I'm using a networked tuner and using the the TWC modem as my router.

I ended up having to disconnect the service and move to Uverse. I think TWC's 'extreme' package represents a better value when it works, but it's no good when it doesn't work. Hopefully they fix whatever issue they're having so I have options...

**10-31-2011 Update**

The table turns. I switched from TWC to ATT due to TWC's plans to cap broadband. A couple of years later, it's ATT who's capping and TWC who is not - so I voted with my wallet and moved back to TWC. I'm on the 30/5 'Extreme' packaged and almost always get that speed or above. Stability has been fine. Price is a bit more than I was paying for Uverse internet, but the speed is also substantially higher.

I'm sure it's just a matter of time before TWC gets back on the capping boat, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.


I canceled my Roadrunner service due to TWC's announcement of Metered Billing here in Austin. I'm not a heavy bandwidth user - I don't do p2p or anything like that - but I do use voip, online backup and have a Roku box - so I could exceed the paltry 40gb caps should the stars align. I felt the only true way I could express my disat with this money grab was to cancel service - so I did. I did not experience any reliability issues (once I replaced the broken modem they provided with something that worked) and the speed was superb. Shame they had to ruin it with bad business policy and arrogant and condescending CxO statements.


I 'upgraded' to the 'Turbo' 15/2 version a few months ago, primarilly for the increased upload speed. The upload has been good - consistently around 2mb, which makes online backups and large photo uploads much quicker. Download speed is not up to the advertised rate - usually around 10mb and hardly a noticable difference between the standard service. Stability has been fine since I replaced the initial bad modem they provided. Overall pretty pleased, but still keeping an eye out for the prices of the U-Verse service they just started pushing here.

**Original Review**

I switched from DSL to Road Runner cable to get increased speed. I was stuck at 3mb down and wanted more bandwidth. Standard download speeds for RR in my area at 7mb, with a 10mb 'turbo' option. Upload speeds are 512k for standard and 1mb for Turbo.

Sign-up was painless. I used an online form and submitted my info. I then called to schedule installation. The first slot was just 3 days later - so I was happy with the quick turn-around. The installer came out on time, check signal strength, then installed a modem that looked like something I had when using @Home 12 years ago. It was huge, obviously used, no-name branded thing. I asked if he had something better, but he said that was all he had. I attached the modem and everything connected fine, so I didn't worry about it too much. The installer was out the door in 20 minutes.

As I started using the connection more, I noticed random delays. A quick line test showed I was experiencing significant packet loss - 30-50%. Further examination revealed that the loss was occurring at the first hop - which was my modem. I decided to just buy my own modem rather than play old-modem-roulett with Road Runner. A quick trip to my local electronic store netted me a SB5100. I called into RR Tech Support and the quickly mapped the new MAC to my account and tested the line out. Everything looked good on their side and my tests were much improved as well. Virtually no packet loss at all with the new modem.

My speeds are in the 6.5mb/490k range, which is quite acceptable. I'm tempted to upgrade to Turbo for the bump in upload speed, but I think I'll wait. ATT is selling UVerse here now, so hopefully TimeWarner will respond by upping the speeds of their standard package.

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