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Review by aguypd See Profile

  • Location: Silver Springs,Wyoming,NY
  • Cost: $107 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Usually good bandwidth"
Bad "TV channels will jitter at times, because of the compressed bandwidth"
Overall "Good deal for the price, when you get their package deal"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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·Frontier Communi..

(update 2015-1)Time Warner has just release a notice that they are raising prices, again. We received an ad for a package deal, that would offer TV and phone for only $20 per month, but I think we will just stick with Internet, NetFlix and Ooma phone service.

(update 2014-11) Time Warner increased their prices, yet, again earlier this year. Even with the increase in prices, paying for NetFlix, and buying a VOIP phone service (Ooma), we are still paying $30 less than when we had Time Warner's All-In-One bundle.

(update 2014-2) After our fourth DVR stopped working in two years, we decided to just drop the cable TV and digital phone and keep only the Internet. We upgraded the Internet from Standard to Ultimate, so we will see how that does. It will be a price increase to $102, but with dropping the TV and phone, it will be a savings of about $50. Even with purchase of NetFlix, we are still saving over $40. The few shows that we used to watch on TV, we can still watch online.

(update 2013-12) Looking over our cable bill from Time Warner Cable, I was struck by the extra charges.
We have their DVR service, so that we can record shows and watch them later. It is really nice for fast forwarding over all the commercials. We can watch an hour worth of news in just under 40 minutes.
The bill has the DVR service at $12.95, but there is another $8.49 for equipment charges for 1 DVR converter and 1 remote.
That's a total of $21.44 for having a DVR. Time Warner Cable will "nickel & dime" you to death.
We called Time Warner Cable and talked to one guy about "lowering our bill" and the guy instead tried offer us a deal that would "save money on our bill."
We declined and then called back and talked to a different representative, when told that we were looking at getting rid of the TV, possibly the phone, too, and just keeping the Internet, she offered us a better deal for one year. We will save $5.

(update 2013-06)Now, Time Warner has raised fees by creating new charges, such as a modem rental fee or you can buy your own. We bought our own, but since then, we have been struggling to get the former bandwidth of 15,000/1,000, we are usually getting about 5,000/300.

(update 2012-11)We have the three-in-one service and now we are going to be charged a modem rental fee. If we want to purchase one off of their approved list, we then have to put in a splitter to hook up our own and continue to use Time Warner's for the digital phone.
This doesn't make a lot of sense to me, so we will probably just get rid of the digital phone, when we purchase our own modem.

(update 2012-01)Our Internet has been rock solid. We have been very happy with our service.

(update 2010-09)Our Internet service has been rock solid, except for one weekend, but they credited out account for the time it was down.

The bandwidth with Powerboost is consistenly around 17-19 Mbs and after Powerboost ends, it stays pretty consistent around 9 Mbs.
The latency is pretty consistent to NYC, at about 30 ms.

(update)Road Runner has just upgraded our upload to 1 Mbs and is pretty consistent at around .97 Mbs. It is a nice feature and we will see how the price of Road Runner does with their new rates coming out next month.

(update)After continuously comparing the bandwidth between my mom's dsl with Frontier and our Road Runner, Road Runner had consistently had three times the bandwidth and less than half of the latency.

(update)Even with the Powerboost added, you can compare large files, that overcome the first 10 MB Powerboost and show you your true bandwidth usually by using a java based bandwidth test.
Seeing the true bandwidth after Powerboost, it is still 3 times faster than Frontiernet.

(update)Time Warner has put their tiers and caps on the back burner, until they "educate the consumer." They have added some tier and cap terminology to their TOS, so it might not be too much longer before they decide to initiate it onto their plans.

(update)Time Warner announced that they are going to be starting caps and charging by a tiered program with overages at $1/GB. If they do start that, then the cable TV will be getting scaled back. If it still too expensive, then we might end up going back to FrontierNet, since they have said they decided to NOT start caps and a tiered program.

(update)Switched back after trying FrontierNet. The technician came out and installed the modem in just a few minutes and we were up.

The bandwidth is three times what we were getting with FrontierNet. It was a mistake to switch over to FrontierNet in the first place. Especially, now that they are talking about adding caps and tiered service plans.

However, when we had called to have Road Runner installed, again, we were NOT given the option for a self-install kit. In our next bill, they attempted to charge us for the install, in which we complained. They removed the charge.

(update)FrontierNet offered us a deal where the first year was free, plus a modem charge and then the second year was $30 plus modem fee, so we switched from Road Runner to FrontierNet.

Mailed us a self-install kit

Switched to Frontier, when they offered us a deal of the first year free and the second year at $30/month.

However, Road Runner is almost three times the bandwidth, so based on bandwidth to price, Road Runner was the better deal. Will probably be coming back to Road Runner, soon.

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