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Review by jduffy See Profile

  • Location: Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH
  • Cost: $65 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Great Download Speed if using Turbo."
Bad "high price, cannot run a home web server on consumer side forces you to business class, horrible upload speed"
Overall "Consumer RR is poorly supported, takes too long to respond for outages"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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August 22, 2013 Update - I recently upgraded the service to "Extreme" which is 30 down and 5 up. Really needed the up. However, even with the previous 20 down and 2 up, I was only getting about 15 down and 1.5 up. Anyway, the pricing is very high given the speed. I don't think it is much of a value now. Took three calls to TW to get the upgrade to actually take place. Their support has really gone down hill in my opinion.

In any case, we are moving soon and the new house has both Cincinnati Bell Fioptics and Time Warner. So I may just give Cincinnati Bell a shot to see if I can get the price down. $40 a month for 30/5 is reasonable. TW is just too high in price.

Original Review Follows:

I had been using Cincinnati Bell Zoomtown. But being a ham radio operator forced me to go to Road Runner. You see the bell system uses unshielded twin pair wires which tends to act as an antenna when I was transmitting with the radio. The interference would knock the Zoomtown DSL off and lose it's link. Since I run a home web server, it's not good to have the DSL connection off-line.

So I order Road Runner to give it a try. The shielded cable does not pick up the radio transmissions so it is compatible with my hobby. The only problem is that RR consumer does not allow you to run a home server, and they block some ports, which kind of forces you to go with business class.

Business class service is great. Once I came down in the morning and found that RR was off-line and the "modem" no longer syncing. I called TW business class service at 7:00 am and someone was at my house by 8:10 am. They did a temporary fix to get it up, but said the cable to the house needed to be replaced which they did two weeks later with a heavier cable with less resistance for the length of run to the house which they said was the problem.

Speed is great, business support is great, but at $60 a month, it is a bit high in price and they don't bundle the business class service with any consumer products.

May 18, 2011 - OK last month I canceled RR business class to move to consumer service. What a freaking nightmare that was. First, I had to move my home web server to an outside service. That just took time, but was pretty easy. I also wanted to do this because TW offered a service to get cable channels on iPad. Well you have to have consumer RR to do this as it will not work with business class RR. Second, I could not take advantage of any package discounts and we had cable TV and telephone with TW.

So I called and said I wanted to move from business class RR to consumer turbo. The consumer rep said no problem. She set it up in minutes. Then switched me over to the business class RR folks to cancel. They told me I had to give 30 days notice. I called BS on that because I told them that was moving from one side of the house to the other. That made no difference. I had to fill out a disconnect form and send it back which I did. Then I asked to speak to someone in management about having to pay for another month of business class RR. They switched me to a woman but got her voicemail. Left a message. No return call.

When the bill came they charged me for another full month - not prorated like it should have been even with 30 days notice. More calls to local people and no return calls. Finally I called the corporate office, specifically the office of TW president. Well that got things rolling. They credited my bill for the month.

Then they sent a tech out who without telling me, put a filter on my line because of the business service cancellation. That shut off my cable TV, RR and phones. Called TW customer service and told them I had an outage. They sent someone out six hours later who found the filter and removed it. I guess the idiots on the business side of the house don't check the residential side to make sure they are not shutting off other services. It's a residential area, not too hard to figure it out. So I called and demanded a credit, which I received.

The service is not as reliable as business class. I experienced two outages in 45 days because of equipment failure on their part (affected the entire street). They advertise 15MB download and 768KB upload. I usually get about 10MB download and about 600KB upload. You would think they could increase upload speed to 1.5MB at the very least.

In any case, their phone support is bad, the prices are too high and they need to coordinate better between business and residential. We need more competition to so these companies will provide better service and pricing.

August 2012 - Still using Road Runner Turbo. Works fairly well. Service response is slow. At times the service seems to hang, but generally I am happy with the service.

December 2012 - Well since TW started charging a fee for the cable modem to get more revenue, I went out and purchased an SB6141 for $89 to replace theirs with mine. Now since you cannot buy a cable modem with telephone integration, I decided to move my phone service and ported out the numbers to other services for my home and home office lines. So instead of TW getting an extra $4 a month for the cable modem, they have now lost about $65 a month for the phone service. Typical stupid nickel and dime fees that cause you to say "enough" and start cutting back on the monthly expenditure to that vendor.

Internet service is just OK, the download seems to be fine, but the upload speed is a horrible 1Mbps (download 15Mbps). As soon as Cincinnati Bell comes in this area with the FIOS upgrade, we may consider that service. TW needs some competition.

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Jacksonville, NC


TWC does not charge customers for using the MTA as a phone-only device; just the internet usage incurs the $3.95 charge.

Cincinnati, OH
·Time Warner Cable


I know, but with or without telephone connections, it still is $3.95. But since I could not buy a cable modem with telephone connections, I bought what I could and cancelled the phone service.

Also found out today that my download speed has now dropped to less than 15Mbps and it should be 20 Mbps at the Turbo level and around 2Mbps upload and I am getting half that. Called and they did something but nothing really changed. They told me to wait a few hours and try speed test again like that is going to change anything. Guess he just wanted to get onto next person.
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