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Review by gia See Profile

  • Location: Mcallen,Hidalgo,TX
  • Cost: $187 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Fast, reliable and stable"
Bad "So far none"
Overall "The best deal in town, updated technology."
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One day our AT&T adsl modem died for the second time this year and we had to call our IT guy for help. When he arrived I asked some question and fortunately I mentioned the price we were paying for 4 AT&T business phone lines, elite internet + international long distance calls. Our total monthly bill is/was around $700 a month!

Our IT guy recommend us to talk to TimeWarner and get an estimate on the services that we currently have so I gave TWCBC a call and to my surprise I got an estimate of $187 a month for 4 business lines and 10/1 internet. I asked the salesman what was the catch and he said there was no catch so the next day I placed the order.

The order confirmation arrived in the form of a 5 page digitally signed pdf document our IT guy filled out the form and sent it back. The work order included porting of our phone numbers. 8 days later our IT guy called me and informed me that the installation was scheduled for wednesday (10 days from placing the order)

The installation day came and it took around two hours. When the TWCBC technician left we had 4 new phone lines and 10/1 internet. Our IT guy spent the next two days cleaning up decades of AT&T's neglect on the internal wiring, probably 2 thirds of the internal wiring was removed. The inside of the access cabinet looked like a rat's nest.

I ran a speed test and got a solid 10240Kbps down and 967Kbps up.

The funny thing is that AT&T called and offer us a discount of about $400/mo but it was too late in the process. I asked the AT&T representative why they didn't call me before and she said that this promotion was new introduced in September 2009, what a bunch of *%^$.

UPDATE March 17, 2010
Everything is working as expected. Our internet is rock solid downloading at 10,200 Kbps and uploading at 968 Kbps. Our phone lines are working great, super clear connections.

The best part is that we are saving over $500/mo compared to at&t's inferior service.

Our IT guy told me that TWCBC will be offering 50/10 internet this year. Probably we'll upgrade to static IPs and at the same time to the 50/10 tier.

UPDATE May 23, 2012
Today I decided to add RoadRunner internet in my home so now I have TV + internet. Previously I had dsl and a generous neighbor that gave me access to his WiFi access point. DOCSIS3.0 was the incentive, McAllen was recently upgraded to D3 and the idea of having 50/5 Mbps internet was too good to let it pass. So I sent TWC's [user=TWCDude] a message and in 20 minutes I got a reply instructing me to go to the TWC office and pickup my new Motorola DOCSIS3.0 modem.

One hour later I'm surfing the internet at 50/5 Mbps... now waiting to upgrade my office.

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