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Review by CptGemini See Profile

  • Location: Corpus Christi,Nueces,TX
  • Cost: $163 per month
Good "Excelent service"
Bad "Tech support can be awful in some cases"
Overall "In my area its great overall aside from the tv service"
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Update (1/15/12): Things are still great. No downtime to speak of at all. Got the ubee DVW3201B DOCSIS 3 eMTA and its working wonderful (in bridge mode). Still no official docsis 3 speeds yet though but current speeds are still top notch!

Update (9/30/11): Thought I would update my review since the system on the website asked me to and I needed to anyway. Speeds have been great since about the middle of april earlier this year. For around the last month my single downstream channel changes randomly sometimes as well as the single upstream channel which I assume is putting me on the one with the least activity. As a result of that my speeds have been top notch above and beyond what I have experienced earlier this year.

Update (3/27/11): As of the last 2 and a half weeks there has been nasty capacity issues quite often and at most hours of the day except late at night after 2am. I am hoping that something will be done soon because its driving me crazy when I am trying to play online games. With the release of docsis 3 just around the corner for us I hope that will all go away.

Update (11/8/2010): Still going strong and no issues at all.


Bottom line is that TWC Road Runner down here in corpus christi is great overall. I am on a good node that isn't oversubscribed like ive seen around before. I have been subscribed to Road Runner here since 2002 when it was barely faster than DSL at 2mbits and its been great since.

Almost no outages since then. There has been a couple of major outtages over the years and there was a node split a few years ago when the node I am on was overloaded at one point but overall great speed, almost always getting above 20mbits with speedboost, I am currently provisioned at 15/2 as they have done some speed upgrades here a bit over a month ago.

The $140 per month service charge I mention is for roughly all the services they offer. We have 2 HD DVRs as well.

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